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Alan McPhail Electrical Services Offers A Wide Variety Of Electrical Services Just For You

At Alan McPhail Electrical Services, we have become the number 1 provider of Electrical Installation Service Oakford WA. With years of experience to boast of, we have been able to cater to the needs of residents in and around our area who are in need of a 24 Hour Electrician Oakford WA to handle their diverse electrical needs.

Having been serving our community for over 38 years and with a team of licensed, insured and certified professionals to boast of, we have become the go-to source for all kinds of electrical service needs.

Our full range of electrical services include;

Air conditioning and heating services like heating installation and repair, installation and repair of evaporative cooling systems, split system air conditioning, ducted air conditioning, reverse cycle air conditioning, heating installation, and repair, electrical heaters, air conditioning installation.

Automatic door and gate services like installation and repair of automatic doors and gates, roller doors and shutters, boom gates.

Electrical services like appliance installation, ceiling fan installation, safety switches, TV antenna technician, emergency electrical services, light switch installation and repair, smoke alarm installation, cabling, data cabling, electrical safety inspection, solar panel installation and repair, appliance repair, exhaust fan installation and repair, PowerPoint installation and more.

Electrician Oakford WA

Other services we offer include lighting installations like LED lighting, downlighting, outdoor lighting service and more.

We offer our services at all times of the day and night and you can rest assured that we will come to your property equipped with the latest tools and technologies to get your commercial, residential and industrial electrical needs attended to.

We are an Electrician Oakford WA company with a difference and we aim to maintain a longstanding relationship with you even after the completion of the project.

24 Hour Electrician Oakford WA

 24 Hour Electrician Oakford WA

Hiring an electrician is easy, but hiring a good one is a little more complicated. A simple google search and you'll come up with hundreds of electricians in your local community. Unfortunately, you can't really trust all of them with things as important and risky as electricity in your home or office. This sort of thing should be handled with immense care, and finding the right person for the job is the best way to ensure that things don't go wrong. Whether you're in need of an electrician for electrical installation on your new building or someone to fix electrical faults at your home; below are three useful tips you should consider when hiring.

Licensing and Certification

Using an electrician who isn't certified or licensed is a subtle precursor to a fire hazard. Professional electricians who have relevant licenses are those who have undergone some form of mandatory training for a considerable period of time. Unlike most unlicensed electricians who unrelentingly violate electrical codes, licensed electricians are more likely to deliver an electrical Installation Service Oakford WA that meets the highest standard available. Being licensed, it means an electrician knows the relevant local electrical codes and regulations and understands the need for sticking to the highest safety standards. Asking for an electrician's license is a good first step to weed out unskilled electricians from your hiring list.

Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise should be one of the biggest deciding factors when hiring an Electrician Oakford WA. While using fancy equipment is a plus, experience and expertise trumps almost every other criterion. An experienced electrician has likely gained some level of mastery in electrical services and will be better suited to handle complications and difficult tasks without cutting corners. Before hiring an electrician, ask them how long they've been doing what they do and what training they have that is relevant to handling the specific task you want to be carried out.

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Proof of Insurance

So many people take insurance lightly when hiring an electrician, but this should definitely not be so. Electrical wiring and installation on itself is a risky task, throw in a few unexpected accidents that could happen and you have a potential disaster waiting to blow up. It's therefore very important to ask your electrician for some proof of liability insurance. This will help you avoid being legally liable for an electrician getting hurt in your home. And then there's also the possibility of an electrician causing damages to your property. In a situation like this, insurance will also definitely play a huge role in ensuring you don't end up paying for those damages.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that electrical jobs on your property are done with utmost care and by qualified professionals. Use these three handy tips as a rule of thumb whenever you're in need of an electrician. Also, a lot of electrical contractors offer a 24 Hour Electrician Oakford WA service, so irrespective of the time of the day you have an electrical fault, always ensure to call in an electrician rather than attempt to do things yourself.

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