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At EDMAR Corporation, we pride ourselves on being a leading Chicago masonry contractor with years of experience to boast of. Over the years, we have handled several projects and have a very robust portfolio to show off our work.

Our years of experience have helped us to better shape the services we offer to our customers in and around the Chicagoland area. Having amassed several positive reviews of the services we provide, our Masonry contractor Chicago remains committed to beating their past quality records while presenting clients with the best quality of services they have come across.



Masonry Contractor Chicago

As part of the Masonry Chicago services that we offer, we are proud to note that tuckpointing is one of the very essential services we focus on.

Tuckpointing is a process that involves matching two different colors of mortars to create an illusion that a fine joint has been formed between the bricks. Basically, we have a team of creative experts who make sure that one of the colors matches the mortar fills and the other colors, a contrasting color, appear to have had a thinner line in between.

As part of this service offered, we have come across a number of customers who aren’t sure exactly what service they need, especially when they are looking to remove old mortar.


Masonry Chicago

When clients reach out to us to remove old, deteriorating mortar from between the bricks, stones or blocks and replace them with a new mortar mix, this is essentially asking for a repointing service, one which we also offer.

We also offer additional masonry services that have been specifically designed for the Chicagoland weather. Some of the services we offer include lintel replacement to strengthen the load-carrying beams, chimney repair services to ensure safety than aesthetics, parapet wall repairs, brick repairs, and masonry waterproofing services.

Masonry Chicago

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All these factors are considered before we present you with an honest quote for the service we are about to provide.

In addition to offering rebuilding and repair services for your chimney, we also offer other masonry services like lintel replacement to improve the structural integrity of your property, parapet wall repairs, brick repair, tuckpointing and repointing, masonry waterproofing and resealing services

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