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These happen mainly due to the negligence in the proper inspection and cleanliness of the premises by the in-charge of the area. Generally, the contractors, leaseholders, local government bodies, or landowners are accountable for negligence and the accidents it results in.

According to the legal codes of Massachusetts, you have to file your slip and fall litigation within three years of the accident. The insurance companies try their best to overrule your claims and prevent you from getting compensated. With the Jason Stone lawyers, you get a trustworthy team of Natick Injury lawyer to protect your right to compensation.

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The most critical personal injuries are caused in truck accidents, the number of which has been increasing every year in Massachusetts. A Natick Personal Injury Lawyer will help you avail adequate compensation for getting hurt in a truck accident due to another's negligence. Truck accidents are mainly caused due to negligent practices such as overloaded cargos and lack of maintenance. Sometimes the owners are to be held responsible for issues like hiring inexperienced and unauthorized drivers; Making sleepless and tired drivers work. Accidents involving drink and drive cases and breach of other traffic rules also come under the liability of truck owners

Accidents due to the aforementioned causes may result in serious injuries such as severe disfigurement, fractured bones, spinal damage, traumatic shocks, and intense limb injury. At Jason Stone injury lawyers, we will help you create a strong case against the offenders. Through this, you can avail of the financial security to move on with your life.


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Defects in products like machine parts, cosmetics, and medical instruments cause injury, sufferings, and even deaths. Such personal injury cases have multiplied over the years. If you have been adversely affected by a defective product, the Jason Stone lawyers are here to extend help to receive a lawful compensation. Have you suffered an injury due to the use of experimental drugs, medical instruments, machine parts, contaminated food, furnishings, or gadgets? If yes, then you have the right to file personal injury litigation and hire a Natick injury lawyer for legal advice.

The clauses of defective products' injury cases are that the goods were used for the intended purpose and that too before expiry. These are essential requirements to render your case viable for compensation. Our personal injury lawyers will offer consultation to establish and proceed with your case. However, there are essential determinants for the formulation of defective product litigation. You can only file a lawsuit if the product's inherent defect or a lack of warning or instruction caused the injury.

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Our legal team will investigate the matter and minutely inspect the entire case to bring out evidential facts to support your claim. The firm will evaluate the damages and losses caused by neglectful nursing homes and determine the extent of abuse and its subsequent trial. After filing a personal injury lawsuit, we will take the initiative to conduct a fair settlement agreement between the insurance company and you. Nursing home abuse cases can be emotionally destructive and traumatizing. If your loved one has experienced the same, then you can depend on the Jason Stone lawyers for customized legal advice.

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