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Have you been looking for a Knoxville bankruptcy attorney because you are thinking about bankruptcy but are not quite sure how to go about it? Perhaps someone close to you about how chapter 13 bankruptcy might be right for you but you need to get more information from someone who knows more about the subject. At The Pope Firm, we have extensive experience when it comes to bankruptcy issues and we can provide you with the legal advice and representation that you need.

Business Reorganization Bankruptcy Lawyer

As any Knoxville bankruptcy attorney will assert, chapter 13 bankruptcy is an ideal choice for individuals and married couples who, despite having a good and steady income, suddenly find themselves in financial hardship for one of various possible reasons. You should know that the road to chapter 13 bankruptcy is a complicated one and that is why you need an experienced attorney who will represent your best interests at every step of the process. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you to manage a huge amount of debt effectively while allowing you to keep your home as well as other secured assets. Yet another benefit of choosing this type of bankruptcy is that your co signer's will also benefit from protections and that means that collectors will not be able to harass them in any way for the amount of time that you are given to pay your debts.

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At The Pope Firm, we believe that everyone deserves a fresh start in life and that is what we get our clients…a fresh start! We know that chapter 13 can work wonders for you and help you from the crippling debt that you are facing. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with one of our Business Reorganization Bankruptcy Lawyer

Small Business Bankruptcy Attorney

You might have heard about chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy from family or friends, so why would a small business bankruptcy suggest chapter 11 bankruptcy for you? This type of bankruptcy is often referred to as “reorganization bankruptcy” because it allows businesses to do just that. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the right choice for business while the others are better for individuals depending on their circumstances. Once we file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on your behalf, creditors will no longer be able to hassle you or take any action against you. We will be able to explain this further once you contact us for a consultation. 

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At The Pope Firm, we are Knoxville bankruptcy attorneys and we know that people tend to be afraid of bankruptcy to the point that they shutter if they even hear the word, but it should not be that way. We want you to know that filing for bankruptcy is not the end of anything. In fact, bankruptcy can be the first step to a new life that is free of debt. One of the best things about bankruptcy is that it will force your creditors to stop harassing you; no more intimidating phone calls from creditors who threaten court action, repossessions, and even worse.

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