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Losing a member of your family or someone very close can be completely devastating. The grief and shock can be inexplicable, especially if you’ve lost your loved one due to another person’s carelessness. It could be due to a car accident, train accident, defective product usage, or an aviation accident. Deaths caused by such accidents are considered to be wrongful deaths. In these cases, the families of the deceased person can be left in unexpected pain, financial and other damages. You can set up a free consultation session with our Personal Injury Lawyer. Our Lawyers are professional enough to get you your compensation and humble enough to empathize with your pain. You can visit our Kruger & Hodges Attorneys at the Law office in Hamilton, Ohio. Hamilton’s accident record suggests that it is likely that an individual can be involved in an average of three to four vehicular accidents in their life. These statistics are quite scary and can make you wonder what you should do if you get involved in a car accident. Well, we know the first thought to come across your mind is to claim for your damage. But how can you do it? What if there’s a multi-party situation or the other person denies his fault for the accident?




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Nobody wants to suffer damage or physical injury because of another person’s negligence. Such encounters often lead to a long term dispute between the two parties involved. It can either be a case of a car accident, medical malpractice, or workplace accident. Here’s how hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer at Kruger & Hodges Attorneys at Law will help you recover your claim. Your lack of legal knowledge can work against, and you let the other person take advantage of you. If the other person owes you a heavy amount, he/she will definitely hire a legal representative to represent his side and deny your claim. It is better to hire our Personal Injury Attorney who can deal with the prosecuting party on legal terms. If you and the other party decide on settling the matter with any legalities, there’s often some negotiation to be done. The person may disapprove of your claim and can also implicit you for the partial cause of the accident. This way, he will be able to get himself out of the situation by paying a little of what he was actually supposed to pay. Our attorney will help you settle a fair deal and, if needed, will communicate with the other person’s insurer or prosecuting agency. Evidence is crucial to prove your innocence and claim damage to ask for compensation. Our Personal Injury Attorney will be able to source evidence such as medical records, photos, videos, police statements, and witnesses for your case. 



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Car accidents are both devastating and damaging. You can experience minor to severe injuries and may have to bear the heavy expenses accompanied by it. Medical bills, vehicle damage, or permanent disability can exhaust up your savings and put your family in a financially unstable condition. Obviously, it isn’t right to bear up all these expenses and damage because of another person’s fault. You can either file a lawsuit against the defaulter or ask for a settlement to recover your damage. While hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer and filing a lawsuit or negotiating an adjustment are two common aspects of dealing with an accident. Insurance companies play an important role when it comes to claiming your damage. Soon after your accident, your insurer will contact you and try to get the details of the accident from you. They will ask you to narrate the accident elaborately. We insist you do not do this. Yes, do not talk to your insurance company without any legal advice or a Personal Injury Lawyer.  If you wish to claim your insurance, it is best suited to let your Personal Injury Lawyer handle the case. It is not right to blindly believe that your insurance company will compensate for all your loss. They don’t want to pay you and can use any information provided by you against you on an incriminating basis. This may deny you from claiming your insurance. They can use temporary facts to diminish your claim value and may offer you a less satisfactory deal. In such a scenario, a Personal Injury Lawyer will help you identify your rights and ensure to get you the maximum of your claim.


You can visit Kruger & Hodges Attorneys at Law’s website to book an appointment with our best Personal Injury Lawyer and discuss your case. We will help you in getting a satisfying deal or negotiation with your insurance carrier for your claim. Road safety is an important measure that we all must adhere to. But what if you comply with all the norms of safety, but the other person doesn’t? Careless and ruthless drivers can injure fellow vehicles and pedestrians. It is an alarming situation that all pedestrians are at risk of getting hit by a vehicle and suffer severe injuries. These injuries can cause you to bear heavy medical bills or even disable you for a lifetime. A lifetime disability may result in you losing your job and never getting to work again. These instances can be mentally and financially exhausting for you and your family. With rising cases of pedestrian accidents over the few years, it has become critical for you to know what to do if you suffer one such accident yourself.



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