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As a construction contractor that works with concrete or one that has encountered concrete in your line of work, you want to make sure that you are adequately prepared with the right equipment and machinery to get the job done.However, in some cases, you may find that the equipment you’ve relied on over some time may fail to do the job, whether because it is damaged or because of other things.When such happens, it is easy to mess up the entire project and put it on hold, but to save you from this setback, we offer you the best concrete tools and Equipment Rental services here at RentEquip.We understand that purchasing new equipment on the fly may not be the reasonable thing to do and that is why we make sure that you are presented with the finest and well-maintained Rental Equipment for your specific needs.Come into our office to discuss your Equipment Rental needs and we are more than happy to address those needs of yours. We guarantee that when you choose to work with us,





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Affordability is one of the major problems construction contractors face when it comes to their construction tools and equipment.Here at RentEquip, we are focused on making sure that you are presented with a truly affordable Equipment Rental solution while you plan ahead to make more money to get yours. We are constantly updating our equipment inventory to offer you access to the very best equipment needed to get the project done.We are focused on providing you with a better Equipment Rental experience and to do this, we make sure that all of the equipment that we have for you are well-serviced, well-maintained, and ready to go.Trust us to offer you the best when it comes to the following general construction Rental Equipment like;We carry a wide variety of trenchers that are used for putting water and electric lines. Come into our office to get familiar with the different types of trenchers that we offer based on the type of project that you have in mind.We offer you a variety of ways to put holes in the ground with ease. Contact us to check out our selection of post hole diggers. We can work with you to make sure that you get the desired equipment.




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Whether your construction equipment has gone bad or you are freshly starting up and in need of a cost-effective solution to getting the right equipment for your next project, we are the experts to call on.We make sure that all of your Equipment Rental needs are addressed head-on. Our inventory also boasts of a selection of property maintenance equipment including;We offer a variety of wood chippers to contractors who are in need of this equipment. What’s more, we offer this range of equipment at the best prices in the market so you won’t have to run at a loss or inflate your service prices to be able to afford them. Speak to us on the type and size of wood chippers you are looking for.We offer a wide range of manlift Rental Equipment. Come to us for all engine-powered manlifts and electric powered manlifts.

Excavation equipment – our excavation equipment line up includes excavators, skid loaders, attachments, dozers and loaders, dump trucks, and companies or contractors looking for compaction equipment can choose between the small compaction equipment or the vibratory rollers that we carry. we offer a wide range of property maintenance equipment including miscellaneous lawn and garden equipment, wood chippers, stump grinders, tractor attachments, mowers, lawn seeding and fertilizing equipment, and pressure washers.


Click Here to Call Us: 540-298-0101

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