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Wide variety of inflatables

At Xtreme Jumpers and Slides, we know that planning a party can be very hectic and it can take a big chunk of time as well. One of the most important things that you have to consider for your party to be a success is what kind of activities you will include because that can be what makes the difference between your party being awesome and one that was just OK. If you expect to have more than a few kids at your party or any other event that you happen to be planning, one of the best things that you can choose to include is an inflatable such as one of our Bounce House Rentals choices. Our inflatables are a great way to ensure that the kids at your party can enjoy an amazing activity for hours on end. You will be happy to know that we have a wide variety of inflatables and our wonderful staff members can help you to choose the right one for you depending on the age of the guests that you expect, your budget, how much outside space you have, and other considerations.

Water Slide Rentals 

We know that parties can be quite expensive and that is why we provide our customers with cheap bounce house rental, Water Slide Rentals options that will make their parties as fun as they want them to be without breaking their wallets! You will be happy to know that we also have regular specials that you can take advantage of to save even more money.

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Cheap Bounce House Rentals

Products for kids and adults

If you got here by searching the Internet or equipment and inflatables for an upcoming party, we want you to know that you came to the right place! At Extreme Jumpers and Slides, we are proud of our wide selection of party rental equipment and inflatable such as bounce houses, water slide rentals, dunk tanks and much more. We have products that can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults at your party or event.

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Our inflatables

At Extreme Jumpers and Slides, we go out of our way to make our customers happy with our inflatables and other party equipment. Here is a bit more about our inflatables:

Water slides

If you have ever felt the thrill that a water slide can provide you know how much fun that is and how everyone will want to slide again and again. We have water slides of various sizes including our Tropical Plunge water slide which is 24 feet high and 63 feet long, ensuring a great time! Plus, it features a 2-lane drop so that two people can slide down at the same time.

Bounce house rentals

Our bounce house rentals are a great choice for younger children who love to jump up and down! You can choose from various themes that will make the little ones happy.

Dunk tank

Imagine putting your boss in a dunk tank and being able to dunk him or her into the water! Well, you can if you rent one of our amazing dunk tanks for your event.

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Bounce House Rentals