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A chiropractor is someone who is trained in the manipulation of the spine and related nerves for the treatment of human ailments. There are currently more than 70,000 chiropractor's in the United States that must pass a series of national board exams to become state certified and become licensed. A chiropractor can diagnose a condition on the basis of the examination and treatment history. They are often referred to as pain specialists or chiropractic practitioners. There are also other professionals that are involved in a chiropractor's practice. One of the first benefits that a chiropractor can provide is that they can take medications and other treatments that have an adverse reaction to the adjustments made by the chiropractor. These medications and treatments include over the counter and prescription strength medicines, over the counter and prescription strength antibiotics and antihistamines, chemotherapy drugs and other anabolic steroids. They can also provide support such as physical therapy and rehabilitation services. When a chiropractor provides physical therapy, they can help with the healing process of a patient who has suffered a traumatic injury. The chiropractor can also provide assistance with muscle problems, soft tissue injuries, stress fractures, sports injuries, neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions, spinal stenosis, hip and knee replacements and facial injuries.







Chiropractic professionals use specific techniques and spinal adjustments to help patients treat their conditions. Some chiropractic professionals will begin with a basic spinal examination to look at the overall health of the spine. The chiropractor then makes a series of manual manipulations or adjustments to help the patient solve their spinal problem. If the spine is injured or suffering from other issues, chiropractic professionals will make recommendations for spinal manipulation and other treatment methods. Manipulation, adjustments and other techniques can be performed on an outpatient basis or on a hospital or surgical unit. When patients experience discomfort, they may be asked to restrict their activities for a day or two while they receive chiropractic therapy. Although chiropractic is considered an alternative medicine style by many practitioners, it is actually based on many centuries of knowledge about the musculoskeletal system and how to properly care for it. Patients can rest assured that chiropractic professionals are fully educated on the benefits of spinal manipulation and the best way to manipulate the spine.




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Chiropractic is a relatively new area of medicine that has grown rapidly through the past few decades. In fact, chiropractic has become so popular in the last few years that it is now the fastest growing specialization of medicine with annual increases of over fifteen percent in total student enrollment at colleges and universities. There are almost 10,000 chiropractic students in eighteen nationally licensed chiropractic graduate degree programs throughout the United States with almost 2,500 chiropractic professionals entering the workplace each year. With the current economic conditions that are less than positive for all but the largest colleges and universities, more chiropractic professionals are returning to school to enhance their chiropractic skills and knowledge base. This gives students a wide variety of options from obtaining an MS in chiropractic to a PhD in chiropractic to open their own practice and increase their knowledge and expertise in chiropractic.



Today, massage therapists may also conduct massage therapy sessions in spas, which are independently owned establishments that supply customized services to their clients. Spa treatments are commonly offered to guests who come to the spa or to members of the client's family. Most spas employ massage techniques that are similar to those found in a massage therapist's office.Massage therapy can be recommended for a variety of medical conditions and in some cases, it may be recommended as therapy for individuals with injuries that do not respond to other treatment methods. Individuals suffering from serious sports injuries such as ligament sprains and torn muscles may find massage therapy beneficial in reducing pain and reducing the risk of additional injuries.


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