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A marijuana dispensary isn’t just a place to go in and buy weed, a dispensary near me should offer lots more. This is why when you come into our dispensary at Bacco Farms Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, you can rest assured that we work hard to keep you satisfied with the quality of services that we offer as well as the products that we have on our shelves.We understand how important our customers are to our business and that is why we go the extra mile to make sure that all of the marijuana products that we carry meet up to the highest possible standards. We are able to maintain quality by carefully selecting our suppliers and making sure that the products they offer pass our quality check process.Recreational and medical marijuana users can come into our cannabis store to shop the finest selection of marijuana products on our shelves. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff who are also ready to work with customers to make their experience seamless and a lot easier.Customers who choose to purchase from us can also take advantage of our daily specials. The daily specials save you more money and cut across the various marijuana products that we carry. Some of the products you can expect to enjoy discounted rates on include;Marijuana Flowers – We offer a range of marijuana flowers as part of our daily specials. Our $200 ounce special include Apricot – Sozo, Dr. Gonzo – High Life Farms, Flavor Packs #4 – High Life Farms. GG #4 – Whispering Green Exotics, Punch Cake – Whispering Green Exotics, and Purple Parfait – Whispering Green Exotics.Cartridges – You can enjoy terpene tanks at 3 for $75, Monster Xtracts at 15% off, Platinum Vape 0.5 gram cart at 2 for $55 and 3 for $85, Claw 0.5 gram pods at 2 for $80, 3 for $115, and 4 for $150.






Weed Delivery


Whether you are interested in purchasing marijuana for medical reasons or recreational use, rest assured that we have what it takes to meet your needs. We go the extra mile to make sure that you have access to highly potent products that have been grown using industry-standard organic practices. All of the marijuana products that we carry have been quality checked and ascertained to be free from harmful chemicals like inorganic fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and others.We understand that not everyone can come into our cannabis store to replenish their stash. To address this need, we offer weed delivery solutions that bring your weed right to your doorstep.As your cannabis store, you can rest assured that we are happy to offer products like cannabis flowers. Our selection of cannabis flowers spans across different cannabis strains. We carry a wide range of cannabis flower options for recreational and medical purposes. Some of the products we carry on our shelves include Apricot, Biscotti, Ice Cream Cake, GG#4, Josey Wales, White Christmas, Dosi Woah!, Slurricane, Cookies n Cream, flavor Packs #4, Dr. Gonzo, Chem Gog, and others.We also carry other products like concentrates, edibles in all of their forms including gummy bears, beverages, chocolate bars, chips, cookies, and more. You can also shop from our vape carts, paraphernalia section, CBD section, as well as accessories section. Come into our dispensary or order your pre-rolls online.







Cannabis Store



We are a weed delivery dispensary that aims to make the process as fast and easy for you. We focus on seamlessness and that is why we offer an online platform where you can choose from the wide range of marijuana products that we have in store. Once your order has been placed online, simply choose the most desired delivery option and we will comply with your choice fully.We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff here in our cannabis store. Rest assured that our staff is more than happy to offer help wherever needed. Whether you are a newbie who is interested in recommendations, a pro who wishes to experiment, or other needs, approach our budtenders and they will offer help.We understand that customers want value for their money. We make this happen by offering them a selection of fine marijuana products that have been selected from trusted sources. All of our sources and suppliers understand the importance of organic practices. They go the extra mile to keep the quality high and the potency even higher.Looking to save more money on marijuana purchases, come into our dispensary or check online for our daily specials just for you.


Our marijuana dispensary offers a wide range of products that have been specially selected to meet the taste and preference of customers. customers who come into our cannabis store can rest assured that we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff who will work closely with them to address their specific needs.We aim to offer more value for your money and that is why we offer daily marijuana specials to customers. Customers who wish to take part in our daily marijuana specials are encouraged to come into our marijuana store or choose the online shopping and weed delivery option. Our daily specials offer access to a wide range of marijuana products including 4.5 g 8th on products like Blue Dream, Cookies n Cream, Creamsicle, Critical Hog, Critical Kush, Crunch Berries, Deluxe Slurbet, Dr. Gonzo, Ethos Cookies, Flavor Packs #4, Gelato #33, GG#4, Grape Snow Cone, Hawaiian Fire, Nic The Brusier, Now N Laterz, Papaya, Punch Breath, Royal Platinum, Russian Snow, San Fernando Valley, Sherbnado, Slurricane. Snowball, and Strawnana.Come into our marijuana dispensary to ask more questions or shop online.


Click Here to Call Us:(810) 877-6538

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