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We understand how much it could mean to have a stripper at your event. That is why we deliver only the best Male Strippers Melbourne. 

Our waiters are professionals, who carry themselves with the required attitude and do all they can within the limits of their job to ensure that you and your friend are entertained. Do not let their appearance fool you as they are very friendly, caring, and nice, and would be willing to follow your directions on what to do in the party. Besides that, they can also provide you with their own suggestions, just to make sure that your Hens' Night creates lasting memories for all. 

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Melbourne Male Strip Shows


Thinking of having a girl's night soon? Then there is a lot you need to take care of. You need to plan the venue, provide entertainment, think about food and drinks, and create a list of things that would keep you and your friends entertained and relaxed all night. But with your busy work schedule, it can be almost difficult to plan this, and you may have been putting it off for quite a while. Well, you can now rest while we do all the planning for you. 

We know all the things that can make a girl's night together fun. Whether it is a birthday, hen's night, or any other celebration of any sort, we know that you require one thing - maximum fun - and we have never failed to provide that for people over the years. When it comes to the issue of venue, we find that no place could allow you ladies to be free and totally express yourselves like our Bare Nights Strip Club. With enough space and a setting that would unleash the true you, you and your girls can have the fun you desire.

The guests are welcome to eat the berries and cream of his body, as they settle in for a night of ultimate pleasure.If this is what you want, then we would be glad to provide it for you with ease. Our position as one of the best organizers of Private Strip Shows Melbourne puts us in charge of some of the best strippers around, that would give you and your friend the pure entertainment you seek.


Private Male Strip Shows Melbourne

At Bare Nights, we have built a name for ourselves by being not just host but organizers, providing ladies with things that would take their party from basic to hot in just a few seconds. Some of the services we provide include.We understand what ladies look for in a night together. We know they want entertainment and a way to let loose beyond what they regularly do. That is why we have always provided ladies around the Melbourne area with Private Strip Shoes Melbourne. You do not have to go to the strip clubs to meet the men as we can provide them to your house or any venue you choose. 

Our strippers are professionals who take what they do seriously. They know you are there to have fun and would do all they can to provide you with all the fun you need by initiating games, doing the striptease, and even MCing the show, guiding it towards a direction where everybody would be carried along. 

Topless waiters

Besides that, we can also provide you with 

topless waiters. If you have men without clothes leading your party, it makes sense to have topless men serve you drinks, adding to the atmosphere in the event. Our waiters know how to mix drinks, provide you with a massage, and are sociable enough to get your silent friends talking. 

Event planning 

Hosting an event is not always easy, with so much to think about. That is why we do it for you, planning from the venue to the accommodation after the party, and, of course, strippers. We also take care of drinks and catering services so that you and your friends can enjoy your night together. 



Click Here to Call Us:1300 411 874 

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