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When you come into our BoxDrop Mattress and Furniture store, you can rest assured that we have a team of representatives waiting to attend to you, educate you on all the products available while also guiding you through the selection process.You can rest assured that we have cut all extra costs including the cost of an expensive storefront, cost of advertising, cost of hiring multiple staff and more, all with the aim to help you save money.When you come into our store looking to buy mattresses and furniture, rest assured that we offer as much as an 80 percent discount on the original retail prices of the products we carry. All products in our inventory have been sourced directly from name brands and are new.Customers who prefer to come into our warehouse are encouraged to schedule an appointment. By setting up an appointment, we know that we will be able to serve your needs better by giving you the attention you deserve. You can also get a chance to try out the various mattress options that we carry.When you have made the final choice, we present you with the best and flexible financing plans that will make the purchase more affordable for you.


BoxDrop Blue Springs Mattress and Furniture is a discount mattress and furniture store that opened with the goal to offer members of the community a chance to gain access to the best quality mattresses and furniture at the best prices.As a discount sale mattress and furniture outlet, we offer the best close-out, clearance, and special distribution sales that allow customers to enjoy as much as 80 percent off of the original retail prices of the mattresses and furniture that we carry.We are a discount sale store that came into the market with the aim to offer aggressive pricing on the best quality products while also allowing customers access to new mattresses and furniture collection that has been sourced from international manufacturers and name brands.For customers that come into our store, we make sure that they can gain access to a wide range of mattresses and furniture types that are available in different sizes including the California King Size, King size, queen size, and the twin XL sizes.We are focused on offering our customers the best products and this is why when they come into our mattress and furniture store, we offer them access to browse through our collection which includes the specialty sleep mattress collection that contains a wide range of mattress options that have been engineered to fit all body types and offer a superior quality level of comfort.



Sapphire Sleep

When you come into our mattress and furniture store, rest assured that we have the right team to attend to you and take you through the different sizes, brands, and collections of mattresses that we carry.Some of the mattresses you will find when you come shopping include;

Adjustable base mattresses that are available in different sizes. These mattresses are not only comfortable but they are suitable for all age ranges. This mattress can also be adjusted to fit your needs whether you are working, sleeping, reading, or watching TV.Pillow Top mattresses that offer a blend of luxury, comfort, and affordabilityEuro top mattresses that are stylish, comfortable, reduce pressure points and offer the best night’s sleep.Sapphire Sleep mattresses that are perfect for all body types and have been engineered to reduce sleep temperature.


For most people, a Mattress is a Mattress, and they would not mind sleeping on any type as long as they think they wake up fine. So for such people, buying a mattress may be based on the money they have at the moment, rather than what the Bed is made of, as they do not see the difference among the various bed types. But is there a difference?The two most common types of mattresses in the market today are the spring and foam mattress.

Click Here to Call Us:(816) 582-2725

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