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At BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct, we make sure that all customers that come into our Mattress and Furniture store gain access to some of the best quality mattresses in the world. We are focused on helping customers improve the quality of their sleep and this is why as a discount mattress store, we focus on offering the best mattresses at a fraction of the cost for which it is sold in other retail stores.We designed our services such that all the members of our community will get the attention needed to choose the best mattresses. Our service has been designed such that you can set up an appointment ahead of your visit to our store.Some of the mattress options that we carry include the adjustable base mattresses that have been found to be comfortable and convenient for customers of all age groups. Customers who have chosen this mattress option have reported that they sleep better, feel better, and enjoy the bed as it is perfect for multiple activities including sleeping, reading, working, and watching television.



At BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct, we deal with top manufacturers and leading brands directly. Our aim, as a discount sale mattress store, is to offer the best product at the best prices to the members of our community.Having been providing the best quality of Mattress and Furniture to the members of our community, we have enjoyed several positive reviews and five-star ratings.One of our recent customers while reviewing the service and product quality we offer said: “My experience shopping for a new bed was excellent! I was going in with the hope that we could find something to help us sleep better and not hurt as much when we wake up. We were blown away! This place has amazing customer service. The men were not only helpful and very knowledgeable but they were entertaining during the process as well. I like to have fun and feel more relaxed when there is some humor. Overall, I would recommend anyone to BoxDrop in Elkhart, IN. It was a great experience and I will always go here for my mattress needs.”


Sapphire Sleep

When you come into our mattress and furniture store, rest assured that we have the right team to attend to you and take you through the different sizes, brands, and collections of mattresses that we carry.Some of the mattresses you will find when you come shopping include;

Adjustable base mattresses that are available in different sizes. These mattresses are not only comfortable but they are suitable for all age ranges. This mattress can also be adjusted to fit your needs whether you are working, sleeping, reading, or watching TV.Pillow Top mattresses that offer a blend of luxury, comfort, and affordabilityEuro top mattresses that are stylish, comfortable, reduce pressure points and offer the best night’s sleep.Sapphire Sleep mattresses that are perfect for all body types and have been engineered to reduce sleep temperature.


Mattress shopping, like any other shopping, requires you to know what you want. At BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct, we understand that shopping for a mattress goes beyond just knowing what you want but choosing a product that offers you the chance to enjoy the most comfort.BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct is a leading discount mattress and furniture store focused on making sure that all the members of the community have access to the best mattresses offered at the best prices

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