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Financial troubles happen to many people. In fact, debts have become a part of the daily lives of most people. However, some debts are too huge to service and one may be forced to consider other options as a means of addressing such debts.One of the commonest forms of debts many people have hanging around their necks is the credit card debt. Using a credit card comes with a lot of responsibilities and in some cases, one wrong decision can send a person spiraling down the financial instability hole.When you are faced with huge credit card debts with no way to address this problem, you need to have a good Bankruptcy lawyer by your side to evaluate the current situation of things and offer tailor-made solutions.We take pride in having delivered expected results to our clients in such cases as this. We offer advice on how best to approach a credit card debt, whether to choose to settle the debt amount or to choose other legally recognized paths.

Our Bankruptcy  will attend to you personally and answer all of the questions you may have regarding the entire process.As part of the solutions that we offer, we help you to understand that choosing to settle the credit card debt will harm you as the details will show on your credit report for a minimum of six years. However, your other choices are to choose chapter 7 bankruptcy wherein the detail appears for no less than ten years while chapter 13 bankruptcy filing makes such record last only about seven years.Come into our office to discuss the best way to address your credit card debt today.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you choose us as your Bankruptcy Lawyer, rest assured that you will be carried along with the process while enjoying personalized service and one-on-one attention from our lawyers.In most cases, a bankruptcy filing may not be the best line of action and this is why we guarantee you the best advice towards dealing with the huge debt profile you are battling.As part of the bankruptcy services that we offer, you can take advantage of Chapter 7 bankruptcy – one of the commonest forms of bankruptcy that an individual and couples can file for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, once granted allows the person or couple to start afresh on a clean financial slate while their debts are forgiven or discharged.Those who are battling huge medical bills, credit card debts, personal loans, and more can apply for this type of bankruptcy.At Butcher Law Office, LLC, we understand the ins and out of bankruptcy filings and we make sure that you are given the right legal guidance towards obtaining the best result.Based on the quality of the services that we offer, we have earned ourselves hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from clients that we have worked with.One of the reviews reads: “Tom and his team were extremely knowledgeable and were always willing to take the time and answer any questions we had. The representation we received from Butcher Law Office was exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs some legal assistance.”Contact us for chapter 7 bankruptcy help today.


        Bankruptcy Attorney

At Butcher Law Office, LLC, we are the leading Bankruptcy Attorney attending to the needs of the members of the Eugene, Oregon area. We have been in the legal profession for years and we boast of having been able to help numerous members of our community who are faced with financial difficulties through bankruptcy and related legal advice.As part of the services that we offer as a Bankruptcy Attorney we take pride in handling cases that border on consumer bankruptcies that are filed by individual parties as well as married couples who are faced with financial hardships and are looking to free themselves from the shackles of serious and overwhelming debts.When you come into our office, we strive to make sure that you are offered the best advice and the personalized attention of our lawyer.

We understand that you may be at loss for words and in some cases, you may be unable to decide which is best for you. We take this into account and explain everything you need to know to take the right steps that will save you from the financial mess that you are in.At Butcher Law Office, LLC, we strive to educate all clients that come into our law office and this is why we make sure that consumer bankruptcy is available for whoever needs a fresh start for whatever reasons.We understand that economic changes can plunge your finances and this is why we stand by you, making sure that you are offered a step by step guide as well as the legal support needed to begin the desired fresh start.

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