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A recent study by investigators at the University of Nairobi (UON) Kenya shows that IV ketamine therapy in patients with severe depression is very successful in reducing both their need for antidepressant medication and their adverse side effects. The ketamine (NDAZAP) drug has been shown to improve the functioning of the large neuroendocrine system, the circadian rhythms of the brain and the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. However, ketamine deficiency is one reason that ketamine is used as an anesthetic agent in surgery. In this study, ketamine was introduced intravenously, using M.R.S.C. for non-traumatic pain in patients who previously had their ulcers repaired.This new treatment opens up the possibility of using Los Angeles Ketamine Therapy in patients with chronic pain associated with substance abuse and other medical problems. The study by UON investigators, reported in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, involved four cases of severe pain and depressed states in which ketamine therapy was administered intravenously, once daily for four weeks. The patients had chronic back pain and dysuria, with three of them also having impotence and one man suffering from severe depression. 



The study found that all the four patients treated with ketamine therapy showed significant and sustained reductions in pain, with mean drug retention of approximately 40% at the end of the therapy. The mean number of days of ketamine use for each patient was less than seven days, which demonstrates that this is a very brief term form of therapy.This study was a randomised controlled trial, using a nationally approved, pharmaceutical dosing schedule. This means that, unlike other trials, the patients in this study were not randomly assigned to a group or another patient and therefore there is no suggestion of any type of 'placebo effect'. However, the National Institute for Drug Abuse has warned against the use of ketamine therapy in patients with impotency problems or depression. Ketamine has not been approved for clinical use in the UK or anywhere else in the world. Anyone thinking of using ketamine therapy should do extensive research into the drug and the side effects, risks and benefits of the drug.




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If you have been prescribed ketamine for treating your severe depression, the very first thing you should do is go to a ketamine clinic for more information. A Los Angeles Ketamine Clinic is an expert medical facility where you will be given proper medical attention in case your doctor thinks that you need this medication to treat your depression. The ketamine treatment for depression is usually given intravenously, through a vein in your arm, or into a vein in your neck or groin. However, patients can also be given oral doses of ketamine as well, which is even more preferred by some. The reason why some people like to get their ketamine treatment for depression through an intravenous dose is because it is very fast acting, and you won't have any side effects to taking it through a vein. This form of treatment is also preferred because it's safer than taking it orally, and since there are no side effects associated with it, patients can go on with their daily lives with confidence.However, if you choose to get your ketamine treatment for depression through an oral dose, there are certain restrictions to follow, which would require you to be under strict monitoring and to see your doctor regularly. There are certain instructions to be followed when it comes to the administration of these infusions, such that there would be a prescription, and a doctor would be made aware of the details of your case. So, you need to be careful before taking up this option, especially if you suffer from any other type of mood disorders such as bipolar disorder. The ketamine clinic would usually want you to exhaust all other options before starting your single infusion, especially if your doctor thinks that your depression may just be caused by a psychological problem.Now, if you think that going to a ketamine clinic is not for you, and that you'd rather try to self-medicate for your depression, then you have two options. You could visit a nearby pharmacy or drugstore, purchase a bottle of cough syrup with hydrocodone in it, and get injected with the hydrocodone. However, this is something that should only be done under the supervision of a pharmacist. The advantage of this is that you can control how much medication you take, and at what time. However, this option requires that you seek out help at a wellness center instead of going to a normal pharmacy or drug store.




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Patients who need long term ketamine treatment for depression may also experience more severe side effects than those who only need it for a short period of time. Some doctors do not consider ketamine to be an addictive drug, so patients must also factor this into the equation when weighing the possible benefits against the risks. One of the main side effects of long term use is suicidal thoughts, which may be extreme or surface at a later time. There are cases where ketamine has been used to treat borderline personality disorder, mania, and several other psychological disorders. Some patients have also died from ketamine treatments; however, these cases are very isolated and none of them are known to be fatal.Although Los Angeles Ketamine Treatment For Depression is relatively new, there are some cases in which ketamine is used for months or even years without causing any serious side effects or problems. Long term use is not without danger. 



There have been cases in which patients developed heart problems, seizures, and even coma. There are also concerns that ketamine may cause sexual problems, blood pressure irregularities, and vision problems. All of these things can be life threatening and must be properly handled by a professional such as a psychiatrist or doctor who specializes in depression and other mental health issues.Ketamine treatment for major depression can be administered in a variety of different ways. Patients can be given it intravenously, or through the mouth, in the form of tablets, or even in a nasal spray. The way that it is given is typically determined by the patient's medical history and the type of depression treatment he or she is interested in receiving. There are other forms of ketamine for depression treatment that may be recommended by a doctor as well, including the use of ultra low doses of the drug for short periods of time, which can also help patients who have a more severe type of depression.


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