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Are you looking for some way to make quick and easy cash? If you have a car you no longer drive or need just sitting around in your yard, then you can get that cash easier and quicker than you think. At Camel Towing, we Cash For Junk Cars  from people at very reasonable offers in a process that has very little stress and a lot of gains. So why don't you sell a junker to us today?For most people, what they want from a junk car service is the convenience that comes with it. Some companies do not make things easy for people with their manner of operation, especially those that demand a visit to their workshop with your car before they can provide you with a quote. We know not everyone has the time for that, since your car may not even be roadworthy anymore. 



That is why you can get a quote and a reasonable offer by filling a form available on our website. When we say we take convenience seriously, we really mean it. That is why our towing truck would arrive at your yard once the deal is finalized and tow your car for free. Again, this saves you the stress of having to bring the car over to our workshop yourself. We pay you in the most convenient form, cash, which our tow driver would bring to you when they come to pick the car. We know many people are discouraged about selling their car to a junk car service company because of how tedious the process can be and we are here to change that line of thought. That is why we would provide you with excellent service that is both stress-free and very rewarding. If you would like to find out more, give us a call today. 



Junk Car Removal


Have you been thinking of the best way to get rid of that old car that is going to rot under your shed? Then you should consider selling it to a junk car service company. These are companies in the business of buying used cars for cash. So you are not only just disposing of your old car, but you also get paid for doing it. At Camel Towing, we understand how difficult it is for people to find a place where they can dispose of their car the right way. One of the reasons why many people have that old car lying around in their yard is because they do not know the proper way to get rid of it. In as much as they are not driving the car or it no longer serves them any purpose, they cannot just dispose of the car anyhow. So we buy it from them and because scrap cars are only getting repurposed, the car does not contribute to pollution in any form. One good thing about selling to us is how convenient it is. In less than a day after contacting us, you can have the cash in your hands while the car is off your compound. This fast and easy way of service is what has made us the top Junk Car Removal company in Minnesota. We make everything as convenient as possible for you. Even if you do not have everything needed to sell your car, we would see how we can help you to still get it sold. If you accept our offer and get paid, we make things better by coming over to your house for us to tow the car and we do it for free. With us, you have nothing to worry about. All we are interested in is buying that car you have lying around and we would make everything as easy as possible for you until the car gets to us. Visit our website to get a free removal quote today. 




Junkyards Near Me


If you have an old car you no longer drive or even bother about in your yard, then it is time for you to dispose of it. While there may be other ways of properly doing that, you can simply sell the car to us at Camel Towing it is much more convenient with more benefits than any other means. The first thing you should note is that we are a junk car service company. We deal with and trade in junk cars. These are cars you no longer drive or use and you want to get rid of. But any other means of disposing of your car would take your time and your car may still be sitting in the driveway two weeks after reaching out to them. But we understand you do not want that. That is why we provide less than 24 hours of Junkyards Near Me services from the moment you reach out to us. We understand that you may be very busy with very little time to spare, that is why our buying process is very easy and stress-free, so you can be done over it as soon as possible.



We would also be the ones to tow the car from your place for free, saving you time, stress, and money. Chances are that you do not remember what your yard looked like without that car on it. You may have been keeping that car lying around for as long as you can remember, taking up good space that you may need for other things. You can finally have the space you want by selling your car to us. We also make very reasonable offers. We understand how difficult it may be to want to part away with your car even though you no longer need it and we do not take advantage of that fact. That is why we only make offers that would leave you with good money, which we pay in cash. Talk to us today to see what we can do for you. 


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