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We understand your need to look youthful and this is why we ensure that the purified toxin in Botox is administered by experienced specialists who boast of several years of experience in the field. Rest assured that our team of providers not only offers Botox as a solution to helping you look your best but also we offer Coolsculpting services.The CoolSculpting service we offer is tailored towards helping you maintain the body of your dreams. We ensure that the latest technology that can be used to get rid of malignant fat cells is available to all clients who come into our practice looking to stay in shape and remain fit.



At Capital Skin, we are a skin and beauty clinic that is focused on helping you look your best at all times. We comprise a team of licensed, certified and highly skilled professionals who are constantly working on expanding our knowledge base.Over the years, we have been able to attend to the beauty and skin care needs of all of the clients that have come into our comfortable, highly hygienic and relaxing office.We have a team that specializes in Botox injectables for all clients who come into our clinic. With the injectables, you can rest assured that we are capable of dealing with common skin conditions that are associated with aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and more.


Not only do we focus on helping you look your best through these services but we also ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of our laser procedures including Laser genesis, a noninvasive skin rejuvenation procedure that is focused on the treatment of skin concerns like brown spots, rosacea and facial redness, fine lines and wrinkles, and scarring caused by acne or other factors.As part of the laser services we offer, you can rest assured that we offer laser hair removal solutions for clients who come into our office looking to get rid of hair growth in certain areas of their bodies including the underarm, bikini line, arms and legs, back and chest, chin and upper lip and other areas.We also offer laser tattoo removal services supervised by a team of highly trained professionals.



Capital Skin has fast become one of the most trusted and reliable beauty and skin clinics in Clifton, NY. Not only do we operate from a spacious, calm and serene environment but we also make sure that all of the clients that come into our beauty and skin care clinic leave glowing and looking radiant.We have a team of professionals who have over the years paid attention to the details and are ready to work with each client to see to it that all of their beauty needs are met.As part of the full range of services we offer, we have become one of the leading Microneedling experts in the area.

Our Microneedling service is one of the most effective procedures we offer to help clients stimulate their body’s ability to heal faster and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles that may have been presented on the skin as signs of aging.We offer our microneedling service with the intent to not only smoothen out your skin but also to finely clear up wrinkles and also tighten up lax skin.With our microneedling service, you can walk out of our beauty shop looking radiant, more beautiful and as youthful as you’ve always wanted to be.

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