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If you are thinking of repairing, upgrading, or installing a new HVAC system in your business premise, Commercial HVAC Columbia SC is your go-to company. We provide the best HVAC system that will give your business the much-needed breeze during the hot summer season and provide warmth over winter.If you detect a ridiculous rise in your energy bill, inconsistent heating, or cooling or squeaking from the HVAC system, you probably should call us. These are the signs of malfunction in your appliance. Our technicians will visit your premises and help get to the root of the problem. We realize that waiting until your system shows signs of malfunction to seek help is a reactive approach. Therefore, we provide a proactive solution to ensure your HVAC system is providing your business with comfort all year round without fail. We provide regular inspection and maintenance services.For commercial property, the Commercial HVAC Columbia SC division provides a customized HVAC solution that meets your individual business needs. We take care of every step from assessing your business area, design, building, and maintenance of the HVAC system.We work hard to ensure we install the system on time and within budget. We prioritize your customers' comfort and healthy working environment. Over the years, we have handled different HVAC projects in commercial buildings and have earned ourselves a reputable name in this sector. After the project is complete, we offer maintenance services for years. With maintenance services in place, your HVAC system will serve for decades. We will take care of breakdowns and repairs long before they inconvenience your business operation.Your customers must be comfortable in your business premises. Therefore, ensure you hire the best company for installation, repairs, and maintenance of your HVAC system. Call us at your convenient time to schedule an appointment.
Our offices and warehouse facility are conveniently located. We can reach you in the shortest time possible during an emergency. You can also visit our warehouse and check out our HVAC equipment from our reputable dealers.

Many companies offer HVAC services. The challenge is sieving through the many options to get one that matches your needs. Commercial HVAC Columbia SC is confident in its service delivery and always meets your project needs with accuracy and precision. What makes us competent and, at the same time, the perfect choice for your commercial HVAC projects?Carolina Comfort was founded in 1992. To date, the company has been operating for over two decades. We've worked in many commercial properties and successfully finished a dozen HVAC projects. We've been evolving with the emerging market trends and integrating the best practices in our HVAC service delivery. Our commercial projects are handled with a team of competent professionals. Because we adhere to high working standards, we have NATE certified technicians. They understand the HVAC service requirements and always deliver to set criteria. We have been handling HVAC equipment for almost 30 years. We take care of everything from diagnosis, troubleshooting, repairing to installation, and maintenance. we understand the effect a failure in the HVAC system can cause. Discomfort in your business could cause you losses. Therefore, we offer our services 24 hours without fail. In case of emergency problems that need immediate attention, you can call us any time, and we will be there to help. We pride ourselves in our ever-increasing numbers of 5-star customer ratings and the accolades we have received throughout the years for exemplary services. Around the Columbia region, we have been supplying Mitsubishi equipment as Diamond Dealer. The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating for our exemplary work. Besides the above, we have received several other awards. We started our business as a small neighborhood venture. Throughout the years we have expanded, employing up to 40 people, and we have provided HVAC services to many residential homes and business premises


HVAC Columbia SC


When it comes to repairs and installations, getting quality and original equipment can be difficult in a market flooded with counterfeits. We understand your struggle, and that's why at HVAC Columbia SC, we have partnered with renowned companies to bring you the right equipment. We are the licensed dealers for Lennox, Heil, and Mitsubishi.Lennox dealers: Lennox was formed in 1895 and had been producing high-quality products and equipment since then. We are the premier dealer of Lennox products here in Columbia. We are proud to provide homeowners and businesses with original, durable, and quality heating systems and AC units. We mostly sell the equipment and also offer installation, maintenance, and repair services.Heil: As a licensed Heil dealer, we've been winning the Heil Dealer Award for over 19 years. The company has been producing air purifying products, heating, and cooling products for more than 100 decades. In case you are looking for these products, look no further, we have what you've been looking for. Their products are durable, reliable, and energy-efficient. Their products are affordable, and we offer installation services. You can make a purchase and have installation services at a go. In case you've purchased their premium products, you'll get a warranty. Though for a limited period, you'll be able to replace the equipment in case of malfunction.Mitsubishi Dealer: in the Columbia area, we've stood out as the only Mitsubishi diamond dealer. We supply efficient and reliable Mitsubishi products, such as the Mitsubishi Ductless mini-split system. The product is useful, whispers, and is comfortable all year round.Our outstanding reputation in producing quality products is unmatched. We are committed to providing the best installation services to go with it. We have been offering exceptional services with honesty and integrity for over 20 years. We ensure all our clients are satisfied.

HVAC Columbia SC has partnered with Zonefirst, a company that has been developing zone systems since the 1950s. We provide you with multi-zone thermostats, specialty thermostat zone control, and dual-zone HVAC. These high-quality zone systems enable you to control the thermostat for individual rooms. You can either choose a single thermostat that covers every room individually or have thermostats for several studios.This technology helps you regulate the temperature of individual rooms in your home, depending on their heating needs as opposed to heating and cooling the whole house uniformly. Whole-house heating causes wastage because the HVAC system heats vital areas in the house without considering how cold or warm the different rooms are. However, zone technology saves money because you cut down on energy wastage by heating or cooling rooms selectively. You can save more by ensuring unoccupied rooms don't get heating or air conditioning. Also, each family member can adjust the temperature of their offices according to their preference. If you are thinking of maximizing your cooling or heating solution while saving money, then zone technology is your best option. We will help you cut down the heating and cooling costs and ensure you mitigate the hot and cold spots in your home. With Zonefirst technology, we ensure your home gets even cooling and heating without going beyond your budget.


AC Repair Columbia SC


When installing air conditioners and furnaces, you hope they'll last for decades. That is possible if you hire AC To Repair Columbia SC for regular maintenance services. Regular check-ups ensure the equipment is in proper working conditions for the longest time possible. Our team of experienced technicians is vast with different models, brands, and types of HVAC systems. They understand the problems your system is prone to develop as it grows older. Our maintenance services ensure we detect any issues at an early stage, fix them in good time, and restore your system. Also, through regular check-ups, we can avert potential problems that might slow down your system. We ensure your order is efficient all year round.In case your furnace performance is limited due to dust on the pilot light, dirty flame sensors, or thermostat breakdown, contact us because central air maintenance is one of our specialties. We will ensure your furnace is in perfect working condition. Take a proactive approach before winter, and let us fix your boiler in advance.Our annual maintenance services ensure your air conditioner and furnace are in the best working condition in every season. You'll be immune to the high temperatures of summer or the cold winter. Every season will be a breeze.If you need your HVAC checked out, call us. We will take you through our financing options, upkeep maintenance schedule, and our warranty programs. We diversify our options to ensure you get the HVAC maintenance services all year round when you need them.Other times you may experience challenges with your air conditioner unexpectedly. You don't have to endure the hot temperatures a minute longer because it's midnight. We provide air conditioner repair services all day, every day. Call us at midnight, and we will help fix the problem. It will be up and running in no time

We know that an air conditioner is essential in every household. Our expert technicians at AC Repair Columbia SC have been providing this vital service within Columbia and its surroundings for close to 30years. So, when you need an air conditioner, we are available to help you get the right fit for your house.
Our technicians start by assessing the size of your house, windows in your home, and the number of appliances that give off heat, among other variables, to provide you with accurate information on the type, size and model of AC that will work best in your home.
In case it is AC repair, that's the problem, trust our expert technicians to handle all kinds of models and sizes of AC. Whether it is an old one or a new unit, we have the experience to fix it. We also help with any problems with your central air conditioner.
When you receive high energy bills, could be your central air conditioners, have some damages that need repair, or it was poorly installed. An inspection can unearth the problem. Therefore, you need to contact us if this problem has been recurring. Our experts will assess the system, identify the problem, and fix it in no time.The sooner you contact us when you detect any problems, the better. Better still, take advantage of our routine check-up services and schedule an appointment today. We are adept at air conditioning services. While helping with fixing your cooling problems, we ensure we minimize the cost of repair.Also, we know that emergencies are inevitable; therefore, we are within reach whenever you need your unit checked out. Bad weather, holidays, or weekend, we are here to take care of your AC problems. Contact us or visit our offices if you have any concerns or if you need consultation services. Most importantly, let us know when your air conditioner needs repair.

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