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Here at CBD American Shaman of Las Colinas, our main drive is to be able to offer the very best products to consumers who are in need of all kinds of CBD products for recreational or medical purposes.We have been in business for years and we have devoted and dedicated time to carry out proper research. The depth of our research has helped us to set our products apart.We guarantee that all of the CBD products that we offer are those that have been made from top quality organic hemp plants that are grown and tended here in the United States.We go the extra mile to make sure that our products deliver the highest level of potency and we are able to achieve this goal through our proprietary nanotechnology which gives us a chance to deliver products that are 9 times more bioavailable.Consumers who have tested our products ranging from the CBD water-soluble CBD Oil, to the CBD Topical, CBD Tinctures, soaps and bath bombs, edibles, hemp flowers, and more have had nothing short of amazing reviews to offer.



One of our customers in a review said: “I am so glad they opened in Midlothian! The water-soluble has helped with my anxiety and shoulder pain. Best selection of hemp flower and CBD vape carts I have ever seen and tried. The Bellini secret nature Sativa cart is sooo good. My mom uses the 500 topical cream on her knees and her temples for headaches and allergies. My husband loves the gummies for sleep. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable.Another added: “Chris is always friendly whenever we come into the store. Remember us and ask how we are doing. He is very knowledgeable about all the products and answers all of our questions. Highly recommend going to see him!”




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Here at CBD American Shaman of Las Colinas, we are on a mission; to help people who are in search of CBD products gain access to top quality products that have been formulated with the health and wellness of the consumer in consideration.We are a team that is dedicated to bringing wellness into the world through the supply of ultra-concentrated, terpene-rich CBD Oil that has been derived from non-GMO hemp plants that we have made sure of its organic growth and tending.We are a company that takes pride in the quality of the products that we offer into the market and that is more reason why we keep expanding on our technology, to better meet the needs of consumers who are interested in fast action CBD products.We do not sacrifice quality for speed or more money. This means that we make sure that for each one of our products, batch testing is carried out to ensure that we remain in compliance with the highest quality standards that we have set for ourselves.We are more than able to achieve those extremely high-quality standards, even for our CBD Oil Irving TX and CBD Topical because we make use of our cutting-edge proprietary technology that allows us to certify that our products are 9 times more bioavailable for uptake in the body.Consumers who have tested our products have had nothing short of excellent reviews to give.A customer said: “Love this place they got it all edibles, flowers, cartridges, CBD dog treats, oils, CBD candles, CBD cigarettes, hemp wraps, rolling papers, and a lot more. And the people who run the place are super friendly!”Another added: “Very clean place with a good selection of CBD goodies, treats, and products. The staff is very nice, helpful, and provides good feedback on products. Enjoy stopping by for our needs.”




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Here at CBD American Shaman of Las Colinas, we understand that only humans shouldn’t take advantage of the amazing benefits of CBD and that is why we have expanded our product line to offer tested and quality checked CBD products for pet use.We are focused on making sure that pets get the very best experience out of the CBD products that we offer and we are constantly working hard and researching to ensure that they have their line of active CBD Oil and CBD Topical for all needs.Consumers who come into our store looking to buy CBD Oil Irving TX or other pet products will be able to choose from product options like CBD soft dog treats, CBD cat oil tincture, CBD dog treats, canine CBD and terpene-rich hemp oil water soluble, canine CBD hemp oil tincture, CBD Doggy Nugs, CBD Cat food kitty Nugs, CBD Horse treat, CBD Horse Liniment, and more.



A pet owner who has tried our pet product said: “My dog gets extremely nervous when riding in the car. He shakes from head to toe, his teeth even chatter. He’s an 80lb Goldendoodle and I love taking him places with me so I needed to try something to help him. Someone recommended I try a dog treat and/or tincture from American Shaman. I went to the store in Midlothian and was beyond impressed with all I learned. Martha was great and VERY knowledgeable about all the products. She wasn’t a pushy salesperson but more like a teacher and I felt very comfortable with the choices I made. Finn has been SO much better in the car! He’s not as nervous and acts like he actually enjoys going places again. I’m so happy! Thank you Martha and American Shaman for helping me help my best bud!!”


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