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Here at CBD American Shaman of Midlothian, we are proud to have expanded on our product range over the years to offer customers some of the finest and most potent solutions to their recreational and medical issues.We are constantly expanding and looking for better ways to serve our customers.We offer a range of products including CBD water-soluble products, CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD lotions, creams and topicals, CBD soaps and bath bombs, CBD Dog, Cat, and Equine products, CBD Skin care products, and hemp flowers.You can expect that all of the products that we offer, including CBD Oil are;- 100 percent organic-We have made sure that all of the raw materials that have gone into the production of each one of our products are organic. From the hemp plant which is non-GMO and raised under strict organic conditions to the additives and manufacturing process, we guarantee that you will always get the best services.



 US Hemp Authority Certified-As a seal of excellence, all of our CBD Oil Richardson TX and other CBD product lines are US Hemp Authority Certified. We are proud of this mark of excellence and we are constantly working harder to make sure that customers get the best product and experience.- US Sourced-We are interested in growing our economy while also channeling our efforts to deliver health and wellness to consumers. All of the products that have gone into the making of our CBD line of products have been locally sourced so that we can better trace its origin and its organic compliance.We welcome you into our store for a better experience. one of our customers, describing the store and experience said: “This store was nice, clean, & well laid out. the lady working was very sweet & very knowledgeable about the products.”




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Here at CBD American Shaman of Midlothian, we understand that you should be able to enjoy CBD in a variety of ways without having to confine yourself to CBD Oil. This is why we are constantly expanding on our product range to make sure that you get the very best products for your needs.We are interested in the satisfaction of our customers and that is why we make sure that all of the products that we offer are those that are made from 100 percent organic hemp plants. All of our products have been designed such that they are rich in terpenes thus increasing the overall potency of the products.We offer more than just CBD Oil Midlothian Tx, we are proud to offer a variety of CBD water-soluble products that have been designed after years of research.When you choose us, you can rest assured that you will get a variety of products including;Water-soluble, full-spectrum hemp oil-With our water-soluble, full-spectrum hemp oil, you can now enjoy a drink of CBD without worry. We offer ultra-concentrated hemp oil supplements that are fast-acting and deliver the desired benefits in minutes. Rest assured that we are proud of this product’s 10 times more activity when compared to CBD Topical.American Sherman Extra Strength Water Soluble-This product also offers an extra concentrated hemp oil supplement that can be consumed orally. We have designed this product such that it offers fast action services and delivers the desired effect in minutes.CBNight Water Soluble Sleep Aid-This product has been designed for people who have trouble sleeping. For those who battle insomnia, this product is a revolutionary blend of cannabinoids that guarantees a relaxed feeling and better sleep.




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Many people have become interested in an alternative to medicine and that is why more research has gone into naturally occurring plants and compounds as well as their medicinal benefits.CBD has been identified as a highly potent remedy for a number of conditions and this has sparked the interest of many more people who wish to do away with pills and embrace an option that promises great benefits.At CBD American Shaman of Midlothian, we understand that customers have a high expectation when it comes to CBD and CBD products and that is why we have continued to push the frontiers of research so that they can get access to the best products in the market with ease.Here at CBD American Shaman of Midlothian, we are constantly working hard and that has paid off in the form of a range of CBD products that we offer, including CBD Oil and CBD Topical.Our products are those that have been carefully made, from the plants to the final production and quality check. 



We make sure that everything that has gone into each one of our products is organic.Our hemp plants are non-GMO and we make sure that the raw materials are paid attention to at all times before entering into the production stage.We have a proprietary nanotechnology procedure that helps us to guarantee the very best outcome in terms of the potency of the consumables that we produce.Our CBD products are perfect for a lot of reasons including their effect on the nervous system, immune system, connective tissues, as well as on organs of the body.Rest assured that we are more than happy to offer a wider product range consisting of CBD water-soluble products, CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD lotions, creams, and topicals, CBD soap and bath bombs, CBD skin care products, and more.


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