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Our Sherman Dentist is both compassionate and experienced and this allows them to build a longstanding relationship with each of their patients. We believe in an inclusive dental treatment approach and this is why we will include the patient in all of the processes we take, starting from dental examination through to diagnosis and treatment.We ensure that patients remain educated on their current dental health state and how best to cater to the health of their teeth to promote oral health and hygiene.Our dentists, by fostering an environment of comfort and excellence have been able to treat hundreds of patients while ensuring that they get the best and most affordable oral health services in Sherman, TX.Feel free to walk into our dental practice for any of your oral health and treatment needs, whether it is dental cleaning and preventive dentistry, family dentistry, pediatric services, cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement procedures, orthodontic help or others.Rest assured that all of your oral health and treatment needs will be well-attended here at Country Roads Family Dental.



Each patient that walks into our dental care room is offered a one-on-one treatment approach wherein our Sherman Dentist listens to their complaints and through a combination of expertise, experience and the use of state-of-the-art dental technologies arrive at an accurate diagnosis of patient’s dental condition.We pride ourselves on our ability to offer inclusive dental care and treatment services and this is why we ensure that patients are carried along with their dental care services. Our dentists will educate patients on their oral health state and possible diagnosis, making sure that patients are presented with treatment options to choose from.By offering professional guidance, patients are presented with the best possible treatment options suitable for their oral health needs.Rest assured that whatever your oral health needs are, whether you are in need of dental cleaning and prevention dentistry, family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement procedures or more, we are more than capable of attending to them.Patients who are also interested in oral appliances, orthodontic help, sedation dentistry, and the latest dental technologies can also visit our Sherman dental practice.


Sherman Cosmetic Dentist

Country Roads Family Dental is one of the leading family dental clinics in Sherman, TX. Boasting years of experience and a dental team that is committed to delivering the best services, we have been able to work with many of our patients to achieve the level of oral health and hygiene.With the help of our Sherman Cosmetic Dentist, patients who come into our dental practice for complaints bordering on a less than satisfactory appearance of their teeth have been able to find a lasting solution to all of their cosmetic dental problems.We understand that the appearance of the teeth plays a major role in the beauty of one’s smile and their self-esteem and this is why our Sherman Cosmetic Dentist is committed to using the knowledge of cosmetic dentistry to treat common problems like teeth discoloration and stained teeth, cracks and teeth fractures, crowded teeth, missing teeth and more.With the use of our cosmetic dental care procedures, we guarantee that our Sherman Cosmetic Dentist is capable of repairing cracks and fractures, brightening stained and discolored teeth, replacing old metallic restorations like dental fillings and crowns, replacing missing teeth, reshaping the teeth, filling the gaps between the teeth and also correcting the problem of overcrowding.




Sherman Pediatric Dentist

A trip to the dentist should be fun and educative and this is why the Sherman Pediatric Dentist at Country Roads Family Dental has designed all pediatric services offered to provide the best possible experience for kids.At Country Roads Family Dental, we understand that children are quick to build experiences that will shape their decision into adulthood and this is why we offer them the best dental care and treatment experience, one that will build a solid foundation for strong and healthy teeth.


Some of the dental services you can walk into our clinic to enjoy include;Preventative care services like oral cancer screening, teeth cleaning, home care services and periodontal therapy. All these are aimed at keeping your natural teeth strong, healthy and free from diseases that may compromise it.Family dentistry services like children’s dentistry, teen dentistry, adult dentistry, and dental sealants. Our family dental practice ensures that you and your family remain protected from all possible dental problems while sporting the most beautiful and radiant smile.Pediatric dental services like infant oral examination, dental cleanings and exams, digital x-rays, fluoride treatments, pediatric sealants, Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment, sports mouthguards, restorative dentistry, tooth-colored fillings, and tooth extractions. All these procedures are aimed towards ensuring that your child has a great dental foundation, one that will promote strong and healthy teeth now and in the future.Cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, composite fillings, and teeth whitening services aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth and boosting the quality of the patient’s smile.Tooth replacement services like dental implants, porcelain bridges, and full or partial dentures aimed at restoring lost tooth or set of teeth. Patients who have suffered from physical trauma or those who have lost one or more teeth due to periodontal disease, cavities, and other conditions can enjoy the full advantage of these restorative dental procedures.Patients can also visit us for oral appliances aimed at combating teeth grinding, or orthodontic help in addressing common problems like underbites, overbites, crowded teeth, malocclusion and more using Invisalign aligners.

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