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Here at Diamond Leisure, our main goal is to make sure that your business is earning as much as it should and is getting the patronage it deserves from local community members. To ensure this as an independent Arcade Machine Hire company, we offer some of the most amazing arcade games to the members of our community and businesses.We understand that the impact of Arcade Machine Rental cannot be overstated and that is why we make sure that you are presented with the latest and best machine for hire.We offer boxing machines that have been designed to improve your overall business while also boosting revenue for your business needs.Rest easy knowing that we supply a wide range of some of the latest boxing machines that come in many different colors, styles, and options. 



Rest easy knowing that we are interested in bringing the very best features to you including cash and prize payout.We guarantee the quality and reliability of our punch machines and we are more than happy that it doesn’t get any better than this. We guarantee that all of the machines that we offer are sourced from the very best providers.The punch machines that we offer as part of the Arcade Machine Lease services that we present come with two coin acceptors to maintain playability in the rare occasion that one of the coin systems is jammed.We are more than interested in making sure that you get the very best experience and this means that you won’t have to incur extra cost buying the arcade machine as we will bring it to you for free. We also guarantee that you won’t incur additional expenses on the maintenance needs and requirements of the machine and that is because we continue to handle those needs for you.


Arcade Machine Hire


As a business, you need extra means of income and to ensure that, our team here at Diamond Leisure is offering you a chance to partner with us to bring arcade machines to your business place.We are a team of experts who have years of experience partnering with local businesses like clubs, bars, pubs, and more to bring you the very best experience.Rest assured that our Arcade Machine Hire services cut across a wide range of machines including;-  Fruit Machines-We have some of the very best Fruit machines to address yours and your customer’s needs. Rest assured that some of the options that we carry include the Digital AWP which is a range of the market’s finest digital machines that have been sourced from several manufacturers in the UK. Some of the common manufacturers we partner with include Storm Games, Reflex, Blueprint, Electrocoin, and Astra. Added to this, we also offer Fruit Machines that come in the latest reel based £100 Jackpot Fruit Machines from leading manufacturers like QPS, G Squared, Bell-Fruit, Blueprint, and more. We also carry club machines like high jackpot Slot Machines.- Pool Table-We offer some of the finest pool tables including the Prince and Winner pool tables. These tables are available in a variety of sizes including 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft. they are also available in a variety of custom clothing that matches the décor of your business place. For businesses that are interested in custom clothing, this is also available for their needs.Added to these two, we also offer other Arcade Machine Rental solutions including jukebox rental, quiz machine rentals, punch machine rental, as well as retro arcade games.Make more money and keep your customers happier with Arcade Machine Lease from Diamond Leisure.






Arcade Machine Lease


Here at Diamond Leisure, we take pride in offering some of the best and smartest Arcade Machine Hire for your business needs. We have over the years helped many local businesses to revamp their customer base by presenting them with the arcade machine that is needed to drive more customers to their local businesses.Rest assured that when you choose us for your Arcade Machine Rental needs, we will offer you a wide variety of arcade machines to choose from based on your needs. We offer a wide array of these machines and one of them is the quiz machine.The quiz machine is one of the most successful Arcade Machine Lease equipment that we offer to local businesses. Rest assured that these companies offer regular updates for the arcade machine and this can be a major boost for revenue generation purposes.



When you choose our quiz machines, we guarantee that we can supply them in any color to meet and fit your decor needs. We guarantee that all of the quiz machines that we offer are those that have been fitted with note recyclers paying out notes, keeping the float level to a maximum.Added to this, we also offer retro arcade with Old School games including games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, cosmic invaders, and more.Added to this, we also offer some of the finest fruit machines that have been designed to help you rake in more revenue from customers. Some of the fruit machines that we offer include the Digital WAP which is the market’s finest digital machines, Fruit Machines which are the latest reel-based £100 Jackpot Fruit machines from leading manufacturers, as well as Club Machines that are only available for members and social clubs.You can also rent or lease the pool tables, jukeboxes, quiz machines, and more.


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