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When you are looking for the perfect Professional Headshots to stand you out and give you the edge that you need, there is only one place to get this done in Danville, CA and it is at East Bay Headshots.Here at East Bay Headshots, we boast of having been in business for years and this has helped us to create a reputation that remains unparalleled and unwavering. We understand that looking professional is not just about the clothes but also creativity and the perfect angle. We go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best results by presenting a combination of our signature beauty lighting set and the most preferred backdrop that appeals the most to you.  



We understand that you deserve the best outcomes and we are happy to note that our clients love the care and personal attention that we give to the service that we offer. Coming into our studio, we will make sure to discuss all of the important aspects of the shoot with you to ensure that you get the best outcome.Added to this, many of our clients are surprised by the results that we deliver because we pay attention to the fine detail, making sure that no stone is left unturned.We are the masters of professional photography and you can come in to speak to us on all your needs, whether you are looking to update your LinkedIn photo, looking to make a change to your existing Zoom photo, or looking to set up a media collection of professional headshots that can come in handy anytime you need it.All of the services that we offer are affordable and we make sure that you are exposed to the best photography experts, equipment, as well as the best photo editing service.



Realtor Headshots


These days, many of us spend our time online, either for business or for pleasure. We operate online accounts that connect us to people all around the world on various levels. To capture people's attention, we usually have a display picture so people can know who they are chatting or dealing with. Profiles without a picture are often ignored because most people do not feel talking to someone they cannot see as you could either be a bot or someone unserious. To make your account stand out, you need a good headshot on display. A headshot that displays your picture boldly would warm people up to you better than anything else.  The reason no one may have been replying to your messages could also lie in your display picture. So why not make the effort to get a good one? At East Bay Headshots, we give you that picture that would make your online dating experience different, for the better. Even those who have professional business accounts also need quality headshots. If you are on LinkedIn or any other site that links you with recruiters, then your headshot can be your ticket to an interview. We would capture you at your most confident, which is a trait most recruiters want. A good headshot also opens connections to you if you are hoping to network meet business partners on the internet. No matter what you do online, Realtor Headshots would make the difference in the way you are being perceived based on your profile. We put in all the work to produce pictures that would achieve the very purpose you want.Boost your online profile today by contacting us for a photo session.




        Model Headshots


Everyone needs a headshot and if you have never thought you needed one before, well you do. Headshots are a great way to capture someone's attention with ease. Sometimes, a headshot could make all the difference. You have a lot to gain by having one and nothing to lose, so why not just get one. Here at East Bay Headshots, we take Model Headshots of all kinds. We know how effective a headshot can be if executed right and it is this knowledge that guides our business. We serve businesses and corporate people but we know they are not the only ones who need us. If you are an actor, model, artist, or anyone at all in the entertainment world, you should have a headshot as part of your resume. What makes a headshot different from a regular photo is the amount of effort put into it to create an image that speaks for itself. We understand this and we put in all our best to create a headshot that would satisfy you. Because the photo is professional, we take our time to get rid of flaws and other imperfections that could spoil the picture.



If you have an online dating account, then you would know that a good picture often decides whether you chat up a person or not.Things like pimples, spots, and other blemishes are removed in the final stage. We also do professional teeth whitening and clothes fitting to deliver a photo that would look good anywhere. This is not some easy photo trick, this is professional editing to preserve your look and give you a flawless appearance. We have a studio in Downtown Danville, CA, but we would be glad to come to meet you anywhere you would feel comfortable with. We also do outdoor shoots wherever you want. However you want it, we would give you a professional-looking shot.Contact us today to schedule a session. 



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