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Booking our Self Storage Unit at Easy Storage Self Storage Wimbledon whether for short or long term use is a great way to ensure your properties are safe during a period of transition or when trying to free up space in your house. Although it is the right thing to do in these conditions, it may not work well for you if you fail to prepare well. To ensure that your self-storage experience is the best one, below are some things to avoid. Before hiring any storage facility, there are certain factors to put into consideration to ensure that you are making the right decision. For the best result, it is important to start the search early. If you want to have a great experience using your storage unit, avoid making last-minute searches as you may settle for just anything when desperate. Although a storage unit aims to save guard your properties, it is advisable not to store items that you can't afford to lose. These items can be jewelry, artwork, family heirloom, and many more.At Easy Storage Self Storage Wimbledon, we always try our best to protect your properties from getting damaged, but we always advise our clients to add some extra layer of protections and packing. If you're storing breakable items, wrap them! Furniture should be wrapped to prevent dust from settling on it etc.It is advisable never to pack any perishable item into your storage unit as it could give off a bad smell when spoilt. These substances can also attract pests that could destroy other valuable properties there. Finally, it is important to never reveal your access code to anyone else except to those you trust. Reach out to us at Easy Storage Self Storage Wimbledon at North Circular Road Park Royal West London NW10 7XP.  You can also contact us on 0800 061 4091 or send us a mail at For more information, kindly check our website



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For those looking for extra space and a Cheap Self Storage unit, it is important to know that a storage unit is a good investment. There are several reasons why you need our storage unit at Easy Storage Self Storage Wimbledon for your properties, and one of them is the extra space and safety it offers your valuable possessions. If you are still not sure about why you need a self-storage unit, below are some important reasons. It is a known fact that self-Storage Units are more secure than homes. Here, your properties are subjected to 24 hours of video surveillance, and there is an alarm system that is triggered in emergency cases. If you are going away for a while, your mind can be at ease because your properties are in safe hands. If you are continually moving from one place to another, the best course of action is to store your important items at a storage unit to save you from stress. You can decide to keep your properties there long or short term depending on your circumstance. If you have little space in your home due to too many properties, the best course of action is to take them to a storage facility. It is also an excellent choice for heavy seasonal items. Ridding your home of these properties can give a new life to your living space, and it allows you to carry out activities that were once impossible. 




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You can find Easy Storage Self Storage Wimbledon at North Circular Road Park Royal West London NW10 7XP.  You can contact us on 0800 061 4091. You can also send us a mail on For more information, kindly check our website Storage Units are your best bet for a short or long term storage for valuable possessions. To enjoy the benefits that come with using a storage unit, your properties should always be organized. Organizing these items in the right manner can be a little difficult. This is why we at Easy Storage Self Storage Wimbledon have decided to come up with some useful tips on how to organize your storage unit like a professional. As you continue to use your storage unit, there is a chance that you may not remember all of the items you store. Furniture pieces are usually easier to remember, but smaller items like clothes, paintings, and electronics can be forgotten in storage. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep a list of all the items in the storage unit. You should make a concise list of items in the unit with descriptions if need be. To keep better track of your belongings, small items should be stored in a plastic bag instead of boxes. 

These bags make it easier to locate each item, and it also helps with adequately organizing your storage unit. To make efficient use of your storage unit's space, it is necessary to disassemble large furniture pieces and store them in an upright position at the back of the storage facility. If one of your furniture cannot be dismantled, for example, the dining table, you can utilize the remaining space by using items like bookshelves to store books rather than leaving them in numerous boxes. It is important to arrange your items based on their order of priority. The less-used things are to be stored at the back to allow frequently used ones to be easily accessed. These items should also be well labeled or placed in a clear plastic bag to allow them to be spotted easily. Finally, it is important to keep items that can be damaged by water in a waterproof bag in case of a rare water leak. Easy Storage Self Storage Wimbledon is at North Circular Road Park Royal West London NW10 7XP. Contact us at 0800 061 4091 or send us a mail at Visit to learn about our services.


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