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Problems affecting our muscles and bones can be very critical and would need to be attended to fast. Sometimes, we ignore these issues until they become unbearable for us. At other times, it could also be that the medical or professional attention you are receiving is not enough. This makes it necessary for you to try somewhere else. Somewhere where more light can be shed on the problem so that you can understand the full extent of your condition. At Elementary Health, we undertake all that, that is why our dedicated and experienced Doctor, Michael Parr, who is also a certified Osteopath with knowledge and training from around the world is always there to help you with whatever problem you feel you are going through. With a broad range of treatment options, including the Perrin Technique, you will find something that suits your condition. We provide treatments for scoliosis, lower back pain, and other musculoskeletal problems.Moreso, our treatments do not involve surgery or surgical corrections. 




Developed by Dr. Raymond Perrin, the Perrin Technique is a form of Osteopathy that helps to drain bad fluids that have found their way to the central nervous system to allow the flow of lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid, which are very important in the performance of the CNS. The cerebrospinal fluids supply nutrients to the brain and also takes away toxins that have pooled around it. The presence of those bad fluids or toxins in the CNS blocks the free flow of the good fluids, making it necessary for them to be flushed away.The Perrin Technique involves the stimulation and relaxation of muscles and joints all around the CNS, for the draining of these fluids. It also deals with the treatment of the lymphatics, in cases where they may have suffered damage. The importance of this is that the CNS, housed by the spinal cord, has to be in a good state at all times to ensure mobility and movement of the lower limbs. Accumulation of these toxins could affect it, leading to problems like Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) that could degenerate into something much worse.Although the Perrin Technique has been found to be effective, it has not been fully certified and is still undergoing trials to ascertain its efficiency. Still, some doctors have received enough training to deliver it, one of which is our Consulting osteopath at Elementary Health, Michael Parr, who is a registered practitioner of the Perrin Technique, meaning he has the qualification and experience to practice it on you. He performs this technique with the aid of other osteopathic practices to ensure complete and proper treatment.

Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from a problem that affects your lower back, like scoliosis, then it may be hard for you to perform simple tasks or even move about and stand well. This could make it increasingly difficult for you to function like you used to. But by adopting our dynamic exercise therapy, you would learn to manage it better, and live a life that is free from pain and limitation.


The therapy also helps you to deal with the pain, increasing joint mobility, your ability to breathe well without stress, and your muscle strength, making it a very important part of your rehabilitation process.At Elementary Health, we provide you with dynamic exercise therapy, conducted by Michael Parr, our expert clinic consultant. We begin every treatment with a full assessment of the person, including a history of the disease and related pain, so as to find out the cause of the problem and to help prevent a future recurrence. This ensures that your condition is managed better and your body can regain full performance. What we do is teach you to manage your condition better and do the things you used to do without any assistance and touch every part of your body at different points, for a complete treatment. Aftercare is also provided to ensure total recovery and ensure you are dealing with life very well.

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