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We promise the best possible treatment experience which begins with an initial consultation with our team of board-certified doctors and specialists. Our team of doctors has over 20 years of experience and this allows them to offer you the best help needed to regain control of your skin and return it to its former glory.When you come to us, we will perform a thorough examination and in the aftermath of this, we will provide you with all the help needed to make sure that the best results are delivered.We take pride in offering inclusive help and this means that we will educate you on the condition and offer you the best treatment options to choose from. We also ensure that the recommended treatment options are those that meet your skin care and treatment needs.Our experts offer treatment for common skin conditions like;Medical skin conditions like acne, athlete’s foot, excessive perspiration, hair loss, eczema, and atopic dermatitis, aging and sun-damaged skin, alopecia areata, brown age spots, melanoma, melasma, nail disorders, photodynamic Therapy, poison ivy, psoriasis, rosacea, rashes, scleroderma, vitiligo, and Wart Removal.Cosmetic needs like Dermal Fillers, Kybella, Juvederm, Dysport, vein treatment, hand rejuvenation, chemical peels, facials, IPL Photofacial and moreWe also offer surgical Dermatologist services for skin cancer removal.


Dermal Fillers


Rest assured that we offer cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatological services using the latest and most advanced medical equipment and techniques.Patients who come in looking for cosmetic dermatological solutions can rest assured that we offer solutions like Dermal Fillers, Botox, hand rejuvenation, facials, IPL Photofacials, chemical peels, Dysport, Kybella injectables and more.We also offer medical dermatological services like Wart Removal, skin cancer care, acne treatment, rosacea, scleroderma, vitiligo treatment, sun-damaged skin, aging skin, alopecia areata, athlete’s foot, eczema, and atopic dermatitis, hair loss, lumps, bumps, and moles, melanoma, melasma and more.We offer a wide range of skin care and treatment services including cosmetic procedures like Dermal Fillers, botox, Dysport, Juvederm, chemical peels, hand rejuvenation, vein treatment and more.We also offer a wide range of medical skin treatment and care services such as acne treatment, vitiligo or treatment of skin pigment disorder, Wart Removal, aging, and sun-damaged skin treatment, treatment or alopecia areata, athlete’s foot, brown spots or aging spots, eczema or atopic dermatitis, excessive perspiration, hair loss, lumps, bumps and moles, melanoma, melasma, nail disorders, Photodynamic therapy, poison ivy, psoriasis, rashes, rosacea, scleroderma and more.


Wart Removal


At English Dermatology Desert Ridge, we are proud to be the top-rated dermatology clinic in our area. We have been catering to the skin care needs of the members of our community for years and remain committed to helping them take control of their skin and appearance.We have a team of the best Dermatologist in the area who are constantly working on new ways to ensure that all the patients that come into our clinic get the best quality of service and treatment experience that money can buy.When you come into our clinic, we guarantee that you will be attended to by a team of qualified professionals with years of experience. We make sure that all of your needs are taken care of, whether you are interested in cosmetic dermatology procedures like Dermal Fillers or medical procedures like Wart Removal.Our team of experienced and board-certified doctors understands that your needs and skin are different and will make sure that you are thoroughly consulted with, examined and observed to ensure that the right treatment option is offered to you.


We make use of the latest technology to serve the needs of our patients and this is why you can take advantage of our telehealth service, one that allows you access to consultation and treatment from our doctors from anywhere in the world.When you are faced with a busy schedule, rest assured that our telehealth appointment and consultation will solve the problem of distance while guaranteeing that you will never miss an appointment again.Having put a smile on the faces of several hundreds of patients that have come into our practice, we have earned several positive reviews from patients. We remain committed to handling all of your skin care and treatment needs.

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