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Furniture and Appliance Removal Services 

Sometimes, we may feel like our house is getting smaller or becoming too tight because there is less space than before. It is not as if your house is shrinking or anything, but rather because there is a lot of unwanted furniture lying around. These could include chairs and tables from years ago, dining sets, shelves, bed stands, and so forth. Over the years, you may have replaced some of your furniture and not know what to do with the old one, leaving them in the way. Or it could be appliances like TV sets, DVDs, old monitors, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, and so forth, that have littered the place. Of course, you may not like them the way they are, but you may not know how to get rid of them. Giving the job to Junk removal Modesto companies is the best option you have and that's where we come in. 

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As your number one Junk removal companies Modesto in the Modesto area, EZ Modesto Junk Removal is the one to relieve you of unwanted furniture and appliances. We are more than your regular junk removal company as we have all it takes to haul furniture, no matter the size, from any part of the house. We are skilled, having garnered experience over the years, to be able to help you get rid of furniture or appliances that you no longer need. 

We take our business very seriously, coming with the appropriate tools and equipment to safely remove the appliance from where it may be. Our staff knows how to get the job done, from the very moment they step into your house. We can also help with any necessary cleaning after removing the furniture, based on your needs.

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EZ Modesto Junk Removal Services 

If you are around Modesto and its environs, and you seek the services of a good junk removal company near me, then EZ Modesto Junk Removal is your number one choice. With so many junk removal companies near me, we do more than the average, providing you with more services than just junk removal. 


We can help you clean places where junk is likely to pile up, or after removing junk. Places like the basement and attic require special attention and we understand the trouble it takes to clean those areas, that is why we help you save your time and energy by doing it for you. 


We can also provide you with assistance for any demolition you need to do around the house. Whether you want a swimming pool demolished or a driveway torn down, we would do it for you with proper skills and help you discard the waste after we are done. 

Junk removal Modesto

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Dumpster Rental

Part of what we do is also to provide companies and homes with dumpsters for their needs. We have them in various sizes and would pick up for disposal when full. 

Construction Site

Our junk removal services are not limited to homes alone as we also work in construction sites, getting rid of all the junk and debris accumulated. 

We have an excellent team made up of hardworking people who understand what it means to get the job done. We provide you with prompt services, arriving as soon as we can and ready to get down to work. No job is too complex for us as we have the necessary tools to get things done.  

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