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We also buy homes in any condition including homes that are on sale because of unfinished constructions, problem tenants, full of stuff or trash, major repairs needed, termite damaged homes, fire, storm, and flood-damaged homes, new houses, as well as old and outdated housesWhen planning to sell your house, choosing to work with our homebuyers in Memphis and surrounding areas can expose you to an unparalleled house selling experience, one that ensures that you get the right price for the property that you have for sale.We are a team that buys houses and we have been in business for years, guaranteeing that we know what we are doing and we are ready to make sure that you get the best experience from the home sale process.When you choose to work with us, below are some of the things you should expect;We do not wish to delay any property seller because our main aim is to buy your home fast and easily. We encourage you to reach out to us to submit pictures of the house that you have for sale. You can also request a call back from our team. We will discuss the property during this time and fix an appointment with you for a visual appraisal of the property. Once appraised, we send you a top-dollar offer, and once accepted, you can choose when to close the deal.Unlike real estate agents, We Buy Houses without giving you the stress of commission and closing costs. Added to this, you won’t have to bother about repairs as we are ready to make sure that your home is sold in as-is condition.




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We are house buyers who buy all types of houses. We Buy Houses on sale due to financial challenges, title issues, code violations, hoarder homes, low equity, large liens, out of area property, family matters, late on a mortgage payment.We also buy homes in any condition including termite, water, flood, storm, and fire-damaged houses, houses with problem tenants, unfinished constructions, houses that require major repairs, and others.Fair Cash Deal has a team of Home Buyers in the Memphis area who are interested in making the lives of property owners a lot easier by helping them to sell their homes fast.We know that the real estate market can be frustrating as sometimes, you can do everything right but not get a buyer for your property.At Fair Cash Deal has a team of, we solve this problem fast and easy because We Buy Houses. Our team comes to you to appraise the property and offer you cash prices for its sale.When you are looking to Sell House Fast without investing any more money into it, we are the team of Home Buyers to call on.We Buy Houses that are on sale for any reason including health issues, bankruptcy, divorce, major repairs needed, foreclosures, downsizing, upgrading, relocation sales, and inherited properties.

We also buy houses that are in any condition including old and outdated houses, new houses, storm damages, fire damages, termite damaged homes, flooded or water damaged homes, homes requiring major repairs, those with problem tenants, and unfinished constructions.We also buy houses that are on sale due to challenges like financial issues, code violations, family matters, late on a mortgage payment, foreclosures, low equity, hoarder homes, or homes that are full of stuff or trash.



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At Fair Cash Deal, our specialty is buying houses. We have a team of Home Buyers in Memphis, TN, and surrounding areas who are ready to work with you to ensure that you do not face the uncertainties associated with the real estate market.We understand that many home sellers have been frustrated with the demands of the real estate market, especially the uncertainty associated with getting the right buyer who is willing to pay the right amount for the property.We know that when you choose a real estate agent, he or she will advise you to invest more in the property by performing repairs, carrying out renovations and upgrades, and also taking on some remodeling jobs that will bring the property up to modern standards.When you choose to sell to us, we save you from all of these extra costs and stress by making sure that the sale process is completed in 7 days or less, depending on how fast you wish to complete the sale process and get on with your life.

One of the greatest advantages of selling to us is that We Buy Houses in as-is condition, which means that you won’t need to hire contractors for repairs or any other needs.We have put a smile on the faces of many members of our community. one of our clients said: “I’m going to tell you, we’re sitting at a closing right now. I’m excited. I’ve had the property for a while and I was wanting to get rid of it for some time. When you called, I just thought that was ‘o one of those investor calls that was just talking and stuff’, but I appreciate the professionalism. You contacted me, we worked and negotiated, and got it worked up. And here we are at a closing. And that’s less than 7, 8 days. I appreciate the good business.”


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