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When looking for an Insurance Agency to work with, a lot of factors should be put into consideration. You need to consider the accessibility of the Insurance Agency as well as their willingness to put you through some information that is essential towards making the right choice.Owning a vehicle is a great choice, especially when comfort and mobility are the topics of discussion. However, owning a vehicle without an insurance plan in place is almost the same as owning a vehicle without complete and proper documentation.In the absence of insurance coverage, vehicle owners may soon find themselves in huge debts when involved in an accident. Not only will they be faced with the responsibility of caring for the other party who has been injured, but the vehicle owner may also be faced with other expenses which include but may not be limited to own medical bills, cost of repairs of damages, and others.When all of these are considered and the financial implication is put in perspective, it becomes more important to speak to an Insurance Agency that is familiar with Auto Insurance policies.At Farmers Insurance - Randy Rhew, we have several years of experience in the insurance industry and we are more than willing to explain everything you need to know for your protection and for the protection of other road users.




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In some cases, people may have purchased home and Auto Insurance policies that are not enough to cover for their liability. In cases such as that, clients may have been misguided by their Insurance Agency or they may have made the decision while putting their former financial status in perspective.If you are looking to purchase additional Auto Insurance or Homeowners Insurance policies to give you better protection, Farmers Insurance - Randy Rhew is the Insurance Agency to visit.When you come into our office, we will make sure that you are attended to by a team of experienced insurance professionals with years of experience in the industry.We make sure that you will be able to access the best information that will help you shape the new decision you are about to make. Our aim is to enlighten you and make you see what you can gain from purchasing additional insurance coverage for your home or businessWe will help you to understand your current insurance policy and also give you all the help needed to choose a new expanded plan for your needs.Same as life insurance policies, our umbrella policies offer you the peace of mind you need at all times. It is important for you to note that the umbrella policies that we offer are not just for the rich and it kicks in when the liability limit on your existing and primary insurance policies is maxed out.




Homeowners Insurance


When you come into our office, we make sure that you are attended to by professionals that are courteous and friendly. Our aim is not to pressure you into buying an insurance policy, instead, we explain everything you need to know about owning an Auto Insurance and how it can significantly change your life in the instance of an accident.We also ensure that you are familiar with all the different insurance policies we have and how each of those policies applies to you. We focus on what you can gain from your insurance policy and how we can help you achieve the best protection at all times.We not only offer Auto Insurance packages but we are also known for the different Homeowners Insurance policies that you can benefit from.Looking for an Insurance Agency to handle your business insurance needs? Rest assured that our team at Farmers Insurance - Randy Rhew is more than capable of attending to your needs.We have a team of experienced professionals who are ready to work with you to ensure that all of your business insurance needs are covered.When you come into our office, our first line of action is to ensure that you have access to all of the information needed regarding purchasing an insurance policy for your business.

We help clients to understand the importance of putting together such insurance policies as this, especially to safeguard the future of their loved ones.When you come into our office, we also help you to understand some of the questions you may have including the best type of life policy that suits your situation, how much insurance is needed to cater to your loved ones in the event of your demise, and how long you need life insurance to replace lost income.We are friendly and willing to help at all times. We also offer you information on the benefits of a life insurance package and explain the life insurance products that we carry.Clients can choose either the term policies that require the payment of a specific amount in premium over a period of time and the permanent policies that allow clients to pay a flexible rate over a longer time frame.


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