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Filing for bankruptcy gives you the chance to start afresh as you no longer have to pay your debtors if the court accepts your application. Since you may not know how to go about the process, it is good you should hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to walk you through the whole thing. He would advise you on the type of bankruptcy to file for. He would also help you modify the terms of payment agreement with your creditors so that you can create a new payment plan that would suit your current situation.


DUI Lawyer


A DUI charge by giving the suspect a breathalyzer or blood test to view the alcohol content in the body. Having this is enough evidence by the police to charge you. Though you may feel all hope is lost, with the evidence against you, you can still do something about it. By employing a DUI Lawyer, you can escape harsh punishments and even go free without doing any time. DUI cases are not very easy to escape, but with the right lawyer representing you, you have a good shot at getting out.

You may or may not know that being involved in a car accident entitles you to some compensation as long as you can prove that the fault was with the other driver. This is very normal, as it can be very difficult driving on the road with so many reckless drivers going on your path. Even though you try to be very careful, you may not always get it right as a driver could come from where you do not imagine and send you skidding down the road. The result could be multiple injuries to your head, neck, back, and so on. You may even lose the functionality of a limb. The good thing is you are not dead, however, you would spend huge amounts of money trying to treat yourself. 


Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can leave you with so much to worry about. From physical injuries to psychological hurt, and the lots of money you have spent at the hospital. Why it hurts more is because the fault was not yours. The other car was coming at you with so much speed. Even when you applied the brakes and swerved, it still did not stop him from hitting you. Now you are suffering for another person's actions. The example given above illustrates how some car accidents happen. They are never the fault of the victim as the other driver may be distracted, drunk driving, or have any other problem which may lead to the accident. But it does not make sense for you to spend your money treating yourself for another person's actions. Besides that, you would also miss work and other engagements due to your condition. The law recognizes that fact, that is why car accidents are regarded as a personal injury case and you gave the right to be compensated. 

Some of the legal services we provide include

Car Accident 

A car accident is not usually the fault of the victim and that is when it can be described as a personal injury case. This entitles the victim to some compensation by the other party. Getting the compensation could be hard because of the many difficulties you may face. But our lawyers can ensure you get it either with court's intervention or by mutual understanding. 


A bankruptcy declaration is the best way to get rid of the many debts and bills you have unpaid. It offers you a fresh start as you can even renegotiate the terms of repayment with the other party, giving you enough time to repay your debt. 


The risk of being left homeless may flash before your eyes as you miss another mortgage payment, unintentionally, because you do not have money. But we can provide you with Foreclosure Help by reasoning with your lender or going to court to see that you get to keep your house.


Being caught drunk while driving is a very serious charge that has grave penalties. But when you have the right legal backing, you can escape most of it and end up with a light sentence or even be free. 

We also offer other services including real estate law, will and estate law, criminal law, family law, and so on. 

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