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Physical therapy is an excellent health care career. Physical therapists treat and evaluate patients with physical health related problems that limit their ability to move and painlessly treat conditions that impact the musculoskeletal system. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to decrease pain, improve function and mobility, and eliminate limitations. If you are interested in a career in Physical Therapy, you will need to complete an accredited physical therapy degree program at a participating school or college.Prior to enrolling in a physical therapy program, you will need to develop a comprehensive medical history, perform a physical exam, complete a physical therapy application, and complete a medical screening. You will also be required to develop a comprehensive workable physical therapy plan based on your medical history, exam results, and application. Many physical therapy programs expect applicants to have completed a first year of college or a high school diploma, but some schools do not require this prerequisite. The length of a physical therapy program can take from two to four years depending on the program and school. The requirements for each program will vary.



In order to become a physical therapist, you must meet minimum educational requirements, pass a physical therapy exam, and participate in supervised clinical experience. Most physical therapy programs utilize licensed professional physical therapists who receive extensive education and training in the field of physical therapy. Students who successfully pass the program are then admitted into an accredited physical therapy program that offers a variety of coursework and clinical experiences. Once enrolled in a program, students complete a physical therapy internship where they are trained in the application of physical therapy principles and are supervised by professional physical therapy instructors.



Professional Physical Therapy


When you have had some type of injury or pain for some time you may want to consider physical therapy to help improve your ability to function. A physical therapist not only assists in rehabilitating injuries but also can help to prevent further injury or pain by implementing a proper exercise program and encouraging you to get plenty of rest. A physical therapist also knows how to use therapeutic equipment such as weights, stationary bikes, tennis balls, whirlpools, and even ice packs to help reduce inflammation and speed up healing. Professional Physical Therapy can give you the help that you need to overcome injuries and live a better life.In order to find a good physical therapist, you need to ask your doctor for a referral. The best physical therapists are those who have years of experience, have been certified by their respective states' boards of physical therapy and participate in continuing education programs on a regular basis. Your physical therapist may also belong to the Physical Therapy Association or the Rehabilitation Association.




Physical Therapist


A Physical Therapist is an accredited medical health care professional who evaluates and treats a patient's physical condition and then plans and Administers physical therapy treatments to improve total health. Physical therapists seek to alleviate pain, increase the mobility of the body and strengthen the muscles, increase cardiac output, improve airway control, improve functioning of the musculoskeletal system, limit damage to the soft tissue, and rehabilitation of injured or disabled individuals. These physical therapist graduate programs prepare physical therapist students to specialize in one or more areas of physical therapy. The course work also covers the basic principles and techniques of physical therapy, exercise science, rehabilitation, health sciences, psychology of physical therapy, and education.Most physical therapy graduates elect to go on to become clinical physical therapists, which involves working with patients in the acute care setting.



In most situations, physical therapists are employed by a specific hospital or medical center; however, physical therapy is becoming progressively less confined to hospitals as more people receive their services from a general practitioner or other healthcare professional outside of the hospital/clinics. The increasing demand for physical therapy services means that graduate physical therapy programs will soon require graduates to locate job openings within the field. These job opportunities will be in a variety of settings including professional offices of physical therapists, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, gyms, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and other health care facilities. To find these positions, physical therapy graduates will need to apply to various occupational therapy schools or certifying agencies.


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