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Although Elder Law is certainly one of today's fastest growing fields of legal expertise, most individuals still just have a very vague notion of exactly what an Elder Law Attorney does. The reality is that as our population's age, more legal problems are going to arise that deal with elder law, as well as other issues involving, or related to aging. While it may be helpful to think of these problems as being "all about the elders," it doesn't really help individuals understand precisely how they can best approach each problem. In fact, without having an appropriate level of knowledge, there really isn't much that any of us can do to solve any of these problems. After all, even the most competent legal professionals will typically have no formal training in dealing with these kinds of cases. Fortunately, there are several qualified lawyers that do have this kind of background, and they are here to help!Generally, an Elder Law Attorney will be a former assistant district attorney, prosecutor, or judge. While this does make them extremely qualified, it also means that they normally have a very varied legal background, rather than sticking strictly to one area of the law. These attorneys are generally very familiar with all of the major areas of the law, and almost always have a long and distinguished history within the legal field. 



For example, many of these attorneys may have worked on multiple fronts within the court system, and thus may have some experience in juvenile, corporate, and family law. They also may have worked as an assistant to a circuit court judge, prosecutor, or judge, and may have even argued cases before lower courts.Another area that an Elder Law Attorney can help you with involves family law and probate, which are often a long-term care case that is complex and lengthy. Most attorneys who specialize in elder abuse or long-term care are masters at preparing many different opinions regarding different types of claims that individuals may bring against those that caused the abuse or the long-term care. However, some of these same attorneys may not have any experience dealing with situations that fall under the elder abuse or long-term care. If your loved one is seeking damages for something such as being wrongfully executed after suffering years of abuse, then you would want an experienced elder law attorney on your side to represent them in court.




Estate Planning


Estate Planning can often be incredibly overwhelming. It involves several complicated issues and decisions which cause so many of us to put it off indefinitely. As daunting as it might seem, your estate strategy is an essential element of your financial strategy no matter your age or phase in life. If you think that you may be at risk or that someone you love is at risk then you absolutely need to consider planning ahead. In fact, if your estate is unplanned and there isn't any guidance from family or a lawyer, then you could end up financially devastated should something happen to you. Estate planning doesn't have to be difficult; it's actually quite simple once you learn about the process.The most important step in estate planning is to decide who will handle all of the valuable assets and money that you leave behind. There are basically three methods for doing this; you can choose to utilize a will, establish a trust, or create some sort of revocable trust. A will is basically an agreement that tells who gets what when you die. While not terribly complicated, a will can be filled out in a number of ways and it is important that everyone involved agrees with the final outcome.Another thing to consider when planning ahead is your assets, debts, and lifetime wishes. How long do you want to live on your own, obtain healthcare, and what type of legacy you would like to leave behind. These are questions that can only be answered by the person you'll leave it to; as difficult as it might be to do at this time, planning ahead is vital. Establishing some sort of revocable trust or estate tax planning plan will allow beneficiaries to receive inheritance taxes at a minimal rate, which can really help when you're getting ready to leave your loved ones, or when they are already living on their own.




Probate Attorney


The services that Probate Attorneys renders can be obtained by individuals who are either dead or alive. A Probate Attorney will review the legal situation pertaining to the decedent's estate. If the decedent did not leave a will, the Probate Court determines the specific details of the estate and the specific duties of the Probate Attorney. If a will was created, the Probate Attorney must review the document and determine if it conflicts with the wishes of the decedent. If so, the Probate Attorney will attempt to get the Court to strike any conflicting provisions from the bill.Probate Attorneys review the case with their clients and determine if the probate process should be initiated, continued, or reversed. If a probated estate has already been established in the county court, the Probate Attorney will petition the courts for an administration order which will assist the estate in continuing the probate process. If the probate process has already been initiated, the Probate Attorney will work with the County Court to establish an executory plan that will assign the individual or businesses that the decedent had intended to hire to handle his/her affairs on a daily basis. 



In some counties the Probate Attorney is also assigned the responsibility of reviewing and determining the future of any last will and testament. A Probate Attorney can also assist the client in filling out any forms they may need, such as a living trust.If you or someone you love is facing estate taxes, a probate attorney can help you understand your options. Estate taxes are one of the most difficult issues to deal with when it comes to the passing of a family member. When a person dies, there are often issues arising from the estate such as probate taxes and who should pay them. An experienced probate attorney can assist the client in preparing a Will that will answer these questions as well as provide answers in the event that there is a lawsuit regarding the estate taxes.


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