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Just like human beings, trees require inspection and preventive care to safeguard their health. Tree Surgeon are crucial to safeguard the health of your trees. Trees may need to undergo diagnosis before enacting prevention mechanisms. Pruning is a big but also delicate job that requires a tree expert's services to keep your trees in good health. Halifax Tree Services has qualified and highly experienced tree surgeons that will climb to greater heights to protect your trees. Our most significant concern is safety because we are the best tree doctors in Halifax.At Halifax Tree Services, we treat sudden branch drop syndrome, also known as limb failure. In the scorching sun of the summer, trees are exposed to high temperatures for long hours. If you notice limbs on your trees without recent incidents of high winds or storms, it's a red flag of the syndrome. The problem is more intense in mature trees, and the commonly affected trees include Elms and Oaks. The syndrome may cause trees with heavier limbs to fall. Falling trees increase safety risks.




Although it's almost impossible to prevent Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome, there're remedies to reduce its impacts. For instance, pruning the trees enhances safety. Halifax Tree Services helps to cut the limbs shorter to prevent the risks of heaving falling limbs. A tree surgeon has special relevant skills to supervise and establish if your trees are vulnerable to this syndrome.Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome is an example of many problems that your trees may have. Halifax Tree Services is a reliable company to treat an array of issues affecting your trees with our experience spanning over three decades. Enjoy quality Tree Services that will keep your trees healthy.




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Upon infecting a tree, Bark Beetle can destroy the entire tree within a month. You must seek Bark Beetle Treatments promptly from a reliable tree services company to enhance your trees' survival. Carry out complete routine tree inspections on your trees across the year to detect the pests and eradicate them promptly. Bark Beetles are sometimes not easy to note because they reproduce in the inner parts of the bark. In forests, Bark Beetles eliminate weak trees to create space for healthy trees. However, they can destroy your trees and properties. A Tree Services company Halifax Tree Services will inspect your trees for any signs of Bark Beetle and enact treatment strategies to prevent further damages. You'll notice the symptoms of Bark Beetles on your trees if the infection spreads rapidly from one tree to another. We recommend that even the trees that have not been infected need treatment to prevent infestation. Bark Beetle's common symptoms include pitch tubes, holes, boring dust, and oozing trees, among others. Trees in West Yorkshire experience different species of Bark Beetle, which cause massive damage to the trees. Arborists from Halifax Tree Services are here to help you diagnose and treat Bark Beetle and other pest infestations. 



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Whenever summer is nearing its end, it's crucial to prepare trees for coming colder weather. Seasonal tree care services are essential when preparing trees for different weather changes across the year. Halifax Tree Services provides essential tree services that your trees need to navigate through extreme or harsh weather conditions across the year. The level of attention and care that you'll give to your trees will determine their health. Our specially trained and certified arborists will guide you in preparing your trees for weather changes. Halifax Tree Services offers some tree services that include Hedge Trimming, crown cleaning, pruning, specific mulching, and irrigation. Our primary goal is to ensure that your trees remain in optimal conditions in the wake of extreme weather changes. Just like taking care and maintaining your car, enacting preventive maintenance will salvage your trees from costly damages, which may include losing the entire tree. Before performing any services on your trees, we will visit and examine the trees within your premises.



Our experienced tree specialist will detail crucial information about the trees to enhance solid decision-making on the best care to give your trees. Details that we will collect about your trees include measurements, age, species, and trees' health status, diagnosis for any infections such as Bark Beetles, and treatment recommendations. Your trees will be diagnosed with; our specialists will treat the tree besides offering seasonal care to withstand extreme weather changes. All-year-round care ensures that your trees have optimal health conditions to withstand extreme weather changes throughout the year. Halifax Tree Services offers various tree services, including diagnosing tree conditions and treatment, tree pruning, and appraisal, among other services.


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