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When looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your injury case, our team at Hilbrich Law Firm has the right experience and expertise to stand before an insurance company or a court of law to defend your rights and interests.Many people have been involved in accidents that have led to the loss of their comfort. In some cases, people may find that they have suffered injuries that have changed their lives forever.At Hilbrich Law Firm, we have just the right Personal Injury Lawyer to look into your case and provide you with the legal help that you need.While not all accident cases qualify for compensation, some are most particularly worth a hefty sum. Our attorneys make sure that when you call on us, we will offer you a free initial consultation and case review meeting where we will listen to your narrative and break down personal injury for you to better understand.During this meeting, we will help you to understand all of the key factors that surround a personal injury case and where your case falls.During the meeting, we will explain the concept of negligence which is the failure to act appropriately and with Care on the part of the person who is responsible for the injuries that you have suffered. We will gather all of the facts of the case and make sure that the at-fault party is identified and named.





Car Accident Lawyer


After this, we will evaluate your case to help you to better understand the full worth of your case as well as the damages that can be recovered. Our Car Accident Lawyer will also help you to understand the time limits between the accident’s occurrence and when you can file the claims for compensation.Injuries resulting from an accident can either be temporary or permanent. One of the more permanent accident injuries is spinal cord injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, the victim may find himself or herself in a vegetative state, unable to use their limbs like they used to.For spinal cord injuries, one thing is certain, the injury is bound to change the way of life of the victim. When accident injuries like this occur due to the negligence of another person, the victim deserves to be properly represented so that they can be compensated for the damages suffered.At Hilbrich Law Firm, we have just the right Personal Injury Lawyer to represent clients in such cases as this. We have represented several clients in the past and we are more than ready to make sure that all of your needs are met appropriately.




Premises Liability Lawyer


As a worker, you deserve to be protected at all times from hazards and accidents at your workplace. However, if you suffer an injury, whether fatal or non-fatal, as a result of the Carelessness or nonchalance of your employers, you deserve to be reimbursed for the pain and suffering as well as other damages you may have suffered.For most workers who have been involved in a workplace accident, getting the amount due to them in compensation from their employers and insurance companies may be harder than they imagined. Others are offered an amount that is lower than the full worth of their cases.In situations like this, we have just the right Personal Injury Lawyer to step into the mix and correct the notion that you are without legal backing.At Hilbrich Law Firm, we have represented several clients in all types of workers’ compensation cases and we boast of being familiar with the process, antics, and gimmicks of insurance companies.Rest assured that when you choose us to represent your interest in such an accident case like this, we make sure to deliver the best services.

When you contact us, we will make sure that you are offered a personalized and free case consultation and review meeting. We will also come to you to make sure that you are in a comfortable and relaxing environment where you feel free to open up better.We make sure that the facts of the case are gathered and your case is prepared with help from experienced investigators that will gather all the necessary evidence to prove fault and also to prove the extent of damage suffered.Our attorneys will push to recover the full amount of your personal injury claims case including the past, present and future medical costs, prescription medicine costs, rehabilitation costs, cost of hiring home Care services, home accessibility installation costs, and others.We start by meeting with you to better understand the type of accident you were involved in and how severely you were impacted. We also listen to your narrative to better understand the at-fault parties.Once liability has been established, we make a move to investigate the case, gather the evidence needed including your medical records to show the extent of health impact you have faced due to the accident and injury.




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