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Here at House of Dank Medical Cannabis – Livernois, we understand that you deserve the best medical marijuana products for your health and wellness needs. We, therefore, offer you a wide range of marijuana products to choose from. When you contact us, you will have access to marijuana products like flowers, CBD products, edibles, and more. We are focused on ensuring that you have access to what you need and when you need it. However, to ensure that you continue to get the best products while we stay on the right side of the law, we have set up a few rules and regulations surrounding the sale of medical marijuana in any of our dispensaries.Customers coming into our marijuana dispensary have to be at least 18 years of age and will be required to present a valid photo ID before admission. We realize that in some cases, a valid ID may be unavailable. Therefore, we are happy to accept expired photo Government-issued IDs from customers before purchasing marijuana products from us.Customers who are ordering marijuana products from our online store will be required to add their name and delivery address to their online order to ensure accurate delivery. We also require that the person who has placed the order receives the delivery with a valid Government-issued ID. Customers should note that we are currently able to deliver to addresses contained in their medical marijuana cards.During the verification process for online ordering, medical marijuana customers are encouraged to upload a clear and complete photo of their ID card issued by the government. In addition, they should note that all information supplied is confidential and treated as such. We are happy to serve the medical and recreational marijuana needs of the members of our community.




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Here at House of Dank Medical Cannabis – Livernois, we are happy to offer top-of-the-line products and services to the members of our community. We are open and always willing to help our customers, whether they need medical or recreational marijuana. When you come into our marijuana dispensary, we make sure that you are familiar with our house rules. Some of these include;We understand that you may have a friend who has accompanied you to our marijuana dispensary. However, each guest is expected to have their own medical marijuana patient card before entering our marijuana dispensary. For recreational marijuana customers, they are required to have valid ID cards showing that they are 21 or over.We love guests. We are happy to entertain your guests in the lobby while you shop for your marijuana needs. Guests with medical marijuana cards or those with valid ID cards and above the legal age limit can come into our dispensary.Yes, but only registered service animals are allowed on the premises of any of our marijuana Dispensaries Near Me.No. we are safety conscious, and we encourage safety at all times. Customers are not allowed to come on the premises with any kind of weapons or firearms.We encourage and permit the use of cell phones in our lobby. However, cell phone usage inside of the showroom is prohibited.






Here at House of Dank Medical Cannabis – Livernois, we are unlike other marijuana dispensaries. We have designed the products and services that we offer to meet the needs of our customers. We are constantly reinventing our approach to customer service to ensure that each customer that shops from us comes back for more. When you choose to shop your marijuana products from us, you can rest assured that we have experienced staff to walk you through the wide array of products that we carry. As much as we are open to meeting customers who come into our dispensary, we are also happy to offer medical marijuana delivery services.When you choose our medical marijuana delivery solution, you can rest assured that we make the process simple, easy, and seamless for you. Our medical marijuana delivery solution follows this process;We are a medical marijuana dispensary that takes pride in offering our customers a wide range of medical marijuana products to choose from. When you visit our online platform, you will have access to a wide range of marijuana products to choose from. We have edibles, flowers, tinctures, vape, concentrates, CBD products, and more in store. Check our online inventory and choose the desired products.After browsing our online inventory for marijuana products, select from our medical marijuana order type and proceed to the next stage of the ordering process.Our medical marijuana products are available for patients who have obtained their medical marijuana cards. As a patient, you will be required to upload your information for screening before your order is processed.



Customers coming into our store can begin shopping for their favorite marijuana products from 10:00 am. We are open until 9:00 pm.Medical marijuana users can rest assured that all of the products that we carry offer therapeutic benefits. We have a variety of products to meet the needs of our customers, including marijuana flowers, pre-rolls, CBD products, marijuana edibles, vaporizers, concentrates, tinctures, accessories, and apparel.Whether you are a first-time marijuana user or a subsequent user, rest assured that we have what it takes to take you through the world of marijuana while providing you with recommendations on the best products to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today.


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