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Some of the perks you stand to gain from choosing us over others include;One major misconception in our industry is that since the job we do is dirty, technicians are also permitted to be dirty. We are against this and we make sure that all of our technicians are clean when showing up at your property whether for a minor Chimney Cap repair or any other major needs like Chimney Sweep Boise.We are a local, family-owned, and operated business. This means that we take customer satisfaction literally. We also understand the need to create a safe and healthy environment in the home for all to live.Our main aim is to make sure that you enjoy the best value for your money. Rest assured that we go above and beyond to establish this at all times. You can trust us to come to you, get the job done fast, and affordable prices.At Idaho Fireplace & Chimney, we have made a name for ourselves as the leading providers of a top-quality chimney and fireplace services in Boise and surrounding areas.With years of experience to prove it, we have made sure that our experience is pooled with the expertise of our certified technicians as well as the use of the latest tools and equipment to deliver a successful service that is worth your time and money.When you choose us for your Fireplace Inspection Boise or Chimney Inspection Boise needs, we take care to ensure that no stone is left unturned. We offer a level II inspection service that complies with the best practices that have been set as guidelines by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.


We also make sure that in line with the body’s recommendation, our customers and clients are presented with annual inspection services for their chimneys and fireplaces to ensure that they remain in great working condition at all times.When you hire our team to get the job done, rest assured that we will come to you clean and on-time and you can rest assured that we will inspect the chimney and fireplace all the way up to ensure that all major and minor repair needs are uncovered.



Chimney Maintenance



To ensure a faster inspection service, we guarantee the use of the latest and most sophisticated equipment including the use of specialized camera equipment to inspect the interior of the chimney and also to ensure its safety.At the end of the inspection, we have a team that will compile and present to you a comprehensive report of our findings as well as recommendations on the next line of action.Added to inspection services, we also offer Chimney Maintenance services to the members of our community who wish to keep their chimneys working in great condition. Our service also includes Chimney Cap repairs, Chimney Sweep Boise and others.At Idaho Fireplace & Chimney, you can rest easy knowing that we are the leading team of chimney and fireplace service providers in Boise and surrounding areas.We have been in business for years and we have a team of certified technicians who are more than able to carry out level II Fireplace Inspection Boise services in your home or business place.We understand the need for safety and this is why we make sure that when you come to us, you will be presented with a service that is worth more than the price paid.Our tea shows up at the venue clean and ready to work. We offer a wide range of services that have been designed specifically to keep you safe and healthy at all times.Some of the services that we offer include


Chimney Inspection Boise


We have a team that carries out comprehensive and detailed Chimney Inspection Boise service using the latest specialized camera equipment to inspect the interior of the chimney to ensure its safety. We also take note of a visual inspection of the visible parts of the system to ensure that you are presented with a comprehensive report at the end of the day.We offer Chimney Sweep Boise services that are guaranteed to leave your property mess-free. As part of this service, we offer you free inspections. We help you to get rid of potentially dangerous soot and creosote that can affect the odor of the interior space and cause other problems like drafting problems, clogs, and even devastating chimney fires.We offer elite cleaning and inspection service that helps you to get rid of harmful materials in the chimney or fireplace. During this service, you can trust our team to get the job done fast and make sure that all of your needs are well-attended.We also offer a gas fireplace and insert servicing, Chimney Maintenance, and Chimney Cap repairs.

There are countless reasons why our team at Idaho Fireplace & Chimney has become the leading provider of all chimney and fireplace services in Boise, and surrounding areas. We have not only been in business for years but we have paired the experience gathered with a team of professionals who are dedicated and the latest equipment that helps us get our jobs done as fast as possible.When you hire us for your Fireplace Inspection Boise needs or you choose to work with us for your Chimney Maintenance needs, rest easy knowing that you will be working with a team of locals who are experienced at their jobs and are willing to deliver nothing short of amazing service to you at all times.As the leading provider of Chimney Inspection Boise services, we bring to the table a wide range of advantages that stand us out from the rest of the competitors.


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