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As one of the leading interior and exterior Painters in Calgary, we boast of years of experience and we bring to your property the best services handled by a team that has handled hundreds of painting projects in the past.We are a favorite in our service area and this is because we are punctual and will arrive on-site as at when promised. We make sure that we do not leave the site until the work is completed. As part of our service guarantee, we make sure that the painting project is completed within the time frame that we have promised you.We are familiar with the best materials in the market and will offer you only the best services from the preparatory stage until the completion of the project.As a top Painting Company in our service area, we understand that premium quality services do not require that you break the bank and this is why our painting services have been designed to be especially affordable to all.When you choose our Painting Contractor for any of your painting needs, rest easy that we will deliver the best solution and service to you.


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When you are planning on retouching your house and bringing back its aesthetic appeal, one of the major ways by which you can go about this is to choose the best Painters to work with.A professional Painting Company will work with you to identify your specific needs and also provide all of the help you need to make sure that the goal of beautifying your home is achieved.At Image Line Painting, we are the recommended Painting Contractor to work with in and around Calgary. We have been in business for years and have handled several painting projects, both big and small.As a residential painting contractor, we have designed the services we offer such that when clients come to us for their painting needs, they will be exposed to a team of professionals with years of industry experience who are ready to work with them to ensure that the outcome is one that they are satisfied with.

We begin our residential painting services by first meeting with clients to discuss their specific needs. We know that the color options for the interior space are much different from that of the exterior surfaces.Once we have established the area of the home that requires the new coat of paint, we proceed to discuss color options with clients in order to get their insight and preferences. We also offer professional help as well as color pallets to help them make a decision for their interior and exterior space. Added to this, we discuss the various types of paints available, the pros and cons and the costs to ensure transparency.



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Commercial property owners need to keep their properties in top shape at all times. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior and exterior areas of the property from time to time.However, the success of the commercial painting project depends on the quality, experience and expertise of the Painters hired to do the job. Commercial property owners who fail to hire the right Painting Company may find that the paint may begin to rub off just some months after the project or worse still, the project may turn out to become a complete disaster.To prevent this, Image Line Painting offers its services as the most trusted and reliable Painting Contractor in and around Calgary. Boasting years of experience in the industry, our team at Image Line Painting has handled several hundreds of commercial and residential painting projects,

making sure that all of the customers we have worked with are left with the best possible impression about us and the quality of services we deliver.We understand that for a commercial painting project, you want the best services that money can buy and as such, we bring over ten years of industry experience to the table while also presenting you with a team of professionals who have hands-on experience handling projects similar to yours.

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