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Jan-Pro Of Tampa Bay is committed to providing the cleanest office environment possible. We know how to take care of the office cleaning in order to create a healthier environment for you and your staff. The following will give you reasons why you should care about germs in the office:An office that isn't properly cleaned will not increase employee productivity, regardless of how much work they may get done after hours when no one's around. On the other hand, a clean environment will help you stay healthier and more productive during working hours.Jan-Pro Of Tampa Bay offers the best commercial cleaning services. With our combination of proven processes, standards, and unbeatable guarantee, we offer a whole new level in health for all your customers! We clean everything from bathrooms to exercise machines with 99.99% germ-free results that will keep you worry-free. Here is how cleaning services can make the fitness center a healthier place.Another benefit of having a clean office is its impact on decreasing absenteeism among your staff members. Employees are less likely to miss work when their workplace isn't filled with germs since healthy habits are encouraged by the management team responsible for keeping things clean in all of the building.



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A common problem in many offices is sick days taken by employees due to illnesses related to germs acquired in the office. In addition, it’s challenging to get much work done if the staff isn't there or people are always taking time off sick due to poor office cleaning. However, studies show that employees are more productive in a clean, sanitary office environment. They also like to work in an office where they are comfortable and have everything they need.People feel better about their job when the company takes care of its facilities by providing good cleaning services. In addition, the company image is boosted with the public when it demonstrates efforts to maintain cleanliness for people who visit them daily, including clients, vendors, etc., a 5% chance of getting sick when in a clean office.It is essential to maintain a clean environment for the health and safety of the employees and the customers. Employees should never have to worry about getting sick from work. This can be minimized with proper cleaning practices and relevant training that will enable them to know how to keep everything clean all the time.At Jan-Pro Of Tampa Bay, we know that our clients want to get the most out of their janitorial service. This is why we created this list of five ways for you to get the most out of your cleaning service.



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We understand that sometimes it's hard for a business owner or building manager to find time in their day to check up on the status of things, but be involved where you can. If you see something that looks right, don't hesitate to let our professionals know about it.Before hiring a janitorial service, you should know what you want to be done. If this is your first time using an office cleaning company, be completely honest with yourself about what needs to be cleaned and how often.Office cleaners are people too! We're not trying to rush through the work because we know that it's important to you. And while it may seem like every other day is the perfect time for our team to come clean your building, remember that sometimes things happen that can delay the schedule. This one is huge. If something comes up and you need to reschedule, let us know as soon as possible to try to accommodate you or make other services like ours can benefit businesses, but only if the customer knows exactly how they could benefit from using our services. Unfortunately, we cannot read minds! So tell us any concerns or issues that may arise and ideas for new products/services you'd like us to offer.


When cleaning up spills on floors and rugs, roll them over a large trash bin to contain the waste instead of sweeping or vacuum it up then throwing it. Make sure that bins are covered to prevent waste and reduce the risk of exposure.When using disposable paper or cloth gloves, aprons, and gowns, they must be appropriately disposed of in an area with a biohazard sign on top of it. They should never be stored in regular trash bins outside patient rooms, where they could contaminate other items intended for medical purposes.Keeping health care facilities clean is of crucial importance for medical practices. There are countless benefits to having a reliable healthcare facility cleaning company on-call, but keep in mind that it's still your responsibility to make sure they are doing the job right.


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