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Here at JD Injury Law, APC, we take pride in our legal expertise. We have represented hundreds of clients over the years and we have won several cases for our clients who have been victims of accidents that caused them fatal and/or non-fatal injuries.We understand that by law, accident victims deserve to be compensated and we push to ensure that they get the deserved amount in compensation while taking account of all of the losses they have suffered.As part of the cases that our Personal Injury Lawyer handles, we are known to provide the best legal attention and representation in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases. we understand that such accident injuries as this can affect the course of the victim’s life and change their ability to live a normal life.We, therefore, push to make sure that such an accident victim gets the deserved amount in compensation, irrespective of whatever form of TBI the accident victim sustained.



We have the best injury lawyer to handle all types of traumatic brain injury cases including concussion, penetration injuries, diffuse axonal injuries, as well as anoxia or hypoxia injuries.We have represented many clients over the years and have won several millions of dollars in compensation for them. We have also received lots of positive reviews from our satisfied clients. One of the reviews reads: “Mr. Dang is truly amazing at what he does! After I got T-bone on the freeway, the last thing I needed was an extra headache on what to do after my accident. ... but Mr. Dang told me not to worry and he will help me. Which he went above and beyond! He took care of everything and helped me throughout the whole process. I was very blessed to have found him and very happy with everything he did for me!"




Car Accident Lawyer


Truck accidents are often fatal. In most cases, truck accidents can result in the death of the accident victims. When you or a loved one has been involved in such an accident as this, it is important to note that handling a truck accident case can be tricky and complicated.To ensure that you get the full amount that you deserve as compensation for the accident injury and property damages, our personal Injury Lawyer at JD Injury Law, APC steps up to the plate to defend your rights and interests.Rest assured that when you come into our law office or call on us to meet with you, we will have the best truck and Car Accident Lawyer ready to meet with you and to discuss the details of the accident case. We understand that as a victim of a truck accident, you are in a financially unstable position, especially considering the medical bills incurred to keep you healthy. This is why we promise and offer you a free initial consultation and case review service.You can rest easy knowing that we come to you free of cost to discuss the details of the accident and hear your side of the story. We will also help you to determine all of the at-fault parties, as they may be more than one.We then proceed to gather all of the relevant and useful information that is needed to get you the compensation that you deserve. Having handled and won several truck accident cases, you can trust our injury lawyer to provide you the best chance at winning back the highest possible amount in compensation.We factor the economic and non-economic damages that you have suffered and push to recoup all of those damages so that you are made whole again. Contact us for all truck accident injury cases.




Injury Lawyer


Motorcycle accident cases are on the rise annually in California. The chances of a rider dying in an accident have also increased. When you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident that has put you in the hospital, you need to act fast by seeing a personal injury lawyer who is in the best position to handle your personal injury claims.Here at JD Injury Law, APC, we boast of the very best Injury Lawyer for you. We have handled hundreds of motorcycle accident cases in the past and this has made us familiar with the struggles of accident victims.We understand that injuries sustained as a result of motorcycle accidents can be severe and permanent and that is why we lend our legal support to you and your family, to make sure that all of the damages you suffered are accounted for and demanded from the insurance company.We understand that insurance companies are not in the business of giving the deserved amount in compensation without a fight and we guarantee that our attorneys are up to the task. 



While we fiercely represent you before the insurance company, we help you to also focus on what is most important to you, your recuperation.Our attorneys will gather all the necessary and essential documents, including the police reports, medical reports, eyewitness reports, and more, to be presented as evidence before the insurance company. We also go-ahead to hire expert witnesses when needed to prove the point.We are focused on recovering all economic and non-economic damages. Our attorneys will push to recover present, past, and future medical costs, prescription medicine costs, cost of transportation to and from medical appointments, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium, and other losses.We offer you a contingency fee plan that allows you to pay us only after we have won the compensation for you.


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