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Taking into consideration that Arizona is a community property state, couples who are pursuing divorce need to understand what this means, in terms of asset division for the purpose of the legal separation.As a community property state, the Divorce Attorney Mesa AZ at Jensen Family Law – Mesa are tasked with the mission to inform clients and their divorcing partners that all assets, properties, and/or debts acquired by both parties during the duration of the marriage are considered to be community property, that is, each party is entitled to one-half of the properties, including the debts incurred during the marriage.

Family Law Attorney Mesa

Seeing as this may be harder to deal with for most people, the Family Law Attorney Mesa at Jensen Family Law – Mesa offer all the legal help needed to guide clients and their divorcing spouses through the process of asset division, making sure that all notable assets, including but not limited to interests in any real estate property, personal property including home furnishing, art, tools and many more, cars, money, investment bank accounts, pensions, retirement stocks and more will be affected.


At Jensen Family Law – Mesa, we understand that divorce cases are often emotional and this is why our Family Law Attorney Mesa handles each case discreetly and delicately to ensure that clients get the representation needed towards finalizing the case.Rest assured that the attorneys at Jensen Family Law – Mesa are also capable of representing clients in child custody cases, child support cases and other cases that may crop up as part of the divorce proceeding. Get familiar with the best divorce attorneys in Mesa, AZ by visiting us today.



Family Lawyer Mesa AZ

Boasting of a team of compassionate and friendly Family Lawyer Mesa AZ, clients who choose to work with the attorneys at Jensen Family Law – Mesa can rest assured that they will enjoy personalized attention from the attorneys.What’s more, the attorneys understand that divorce can be a trying and emotionally draining process, especially when a child custody battle is introduced and in light of this, the attorneys will offer the needed support as well as education on the dos and don’ts of a divorce and child custody case.When the attorneys at Jensen Family Law – Mesa handle a child custody case, the aim of the attorneys is to ensure that the best interest of the child or children is placed into consideration while the rights and interests of clients are also placed in focus.With this in mind, clients can rest assured that the attorneys at Jensen Family Law – Mesa will go above and beyond to ensure that all of the needs of their clients are met and that the best possible outcome is obtained.


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