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Cosmetic dentists, also known as cosmetic dentists, perform some dental procedures to improve your appearance. This can be done in a variety of ways. The first way cosmetic dentistry can be used is to change the look of your teeth. Some popular ways of changing the look of your teeth are bonding, veneers, teeth whitening, teeth reshaping and gum lifts. Any type of dental procedure that makes you look better can be performed by a Cosmetic DentistThe second way cosmetic dentists help you is by improving the aesthetics of your smile. In this case, cosmetic dentists can be used to improve your facial aesthetics such as enhancing the color of your smile, lips, eyes and skin. It mostly focuses on enhancement of dental aesthetics in terms of color, size, shape, positioning and appearance. Some examples of aesthetics treatment include Botox injections, teeth whitening, laser resurfacing, bonding, tooth whitening and veneering.



The third way that cosmetic dentists help you is by improving your physical performance. For instance, if you have some missing teeth, a prosthodontist can replace your missing teeth with porcelain or composite material so that you will have a perfect smile. Some of the common physical performance improvements that a prosthodontist can provide include jaw alignment, jaw joint mobility, tooth movement, facial strength and balance, neck and head support, hand support and posture and body support.






A Dentist, also called a cosmetic dentist, is a specialist doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral diseases and disorders of the teeth. The dentist's support team also helps in providing preventative oral health care. Dentists have to work closely with patients to understand their problems and give them the best possible treatment. Cosmetic dentists perform treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, braces, laminates, bonding, odontoplasty, sedation dentistry etc. Cosmetic dentists are also trained to perform cosmetic dental surgery.Oral surgeons perform surgical procedures that involve surgical removal of plaque or plague, repairing worn tooth and gum tissue, correcting chipped teeth, filling cavities, reconstructing oral bones and gum tissues and many more. The surgery performed by an oral surgeon has to be approved by the relevant state authority. Before conducting any oral surgery, the dentist thoroughly examines the patient and carries out a thorough medical examination, before administering any anesthesia.




Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening has gained enormous popularity over the years due to its ability to remove stains and improve the cosmetic appearance of a person's teeth. Previously, there were no other options except for having veneers or inlays fitted. These options were either expensive or painful, both of which were not necessary due to discoloration caused by smoking, aging, medications, food particles, and so on. Now, however, there are various at-home teeth whitening kits available on the market that are safe and effective. They work much like a teeth whitening pen, and you can use them from home without the cost or pain associated with a visit to the dentist.



Home teeth whitening solutions vary greatly in price depending on the type of product and the manufacturer. Bleaching strips, gels, and whitening trays are among the most common whiteners. The more common bleaching agents include hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and muramic acid, but they can also be manufactured using alternative chemical ingredients. The home teeth whitening products usually contain up to two percent hydrogen peroxide in a concentration suitable for application to the teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatment requires a stronger solution containing a higher concentration of peroxide or a bleaching agent such as peroxides.



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