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Having a Mortgage can be a great asset in owning your own home. But when it's time to start paying them off, you might feel unhappy with how long it takes to rid yourself of the debt. Here are some practical ways to pay off your mortgage faster: Make an Extra Payment When Possible - If you can afford to make an extra monthly payment,  you'll speed up the repayment process. One way to do this is by making biweekly payments instead of monthly ones, which will result in more payments a year instead of 12. Refinance Your Loan - You can adjust your loan to take a shorter duration. 



Although this means the installments you pay will be higher, your loan balance will decrease faster. For instance, If you have a 30-year term mortgage, thinking about refinancing to a 15-year term. Allocate Any Extra Money You Make to Repayment - If you get a lump sum from tax refunds or bonus pay at work,  do not carelessly spend it on some new clothes or a vacation. Instead, dedicate the whole lot to your mortgage principal. You'll be surprised at how rapidly you can reduce your principal that way.



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Pay Your Debts - Try to clear off as much debt as you can before you buy a home. A new mortgage payment on top of existing debt will increase your monthly outgoings significantly, so limiting this amount as much as possible is essential. Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation has years of experience and is one of the most reliable Mortgage Brokers in Kansas City. We’re defined by how fast we close loans and our ability to answer all your questions clearly and thoroughly without talking down to any of our clients. And because we are local, there’s no lag between sending in an application and getting loan approval. Talk to us today about how we can help you buy your dream home.




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Buyers tend to feel excited about buying their first home or upgrading to a bigger house. This excitement can quickly turn to frustration and even depression if the process takes longer than expected.  Keep in mind that home selling is a business transaction you will likely repeat many times throughout your life. To keep yourself from getting discouraged during this process, remember that the homeowner has a goal: to sell their home in the best possible timeframe and for the highest possible price.  Real Estate agents, mortgage providers, and homeowners want you to be happy; however, they may not always make decisions that meet your expectations or timeline needs. This does not mean they do not like you as a person; it may simply be that they have different priorities.  



Making your needs clear from early on can help you avoid misunderstandings and conflict down the road. You may be eager to take possession of your new home as soon as possible, but the fastest way to take possession is not always possible.  Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation is committed to ensuring that you have all of the information necessary before signing any loan agreement. We know everyone faces unique challenges when starting from scratch, which means our team will make sure that your situation is taken into account when suggesting a specific Home Mortgage plan.


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