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Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience fighting insurance companies for clients throughout Virginia. We will never stop fighting for you! The lawsuits we file on behalf of our clients are settled outside of court if possible because anything that goes before a jury is risky business even for us. This means that the insurance company we negotiated with will decide whether or not they want to take a chance on convincing 12 jurors that they are not responsible for your injury. Remember, an insurance company has one goal. That is to pay you as little as possible! Don’t leave yourself at their mercy. Negotiate with the personal injury lawyers at Montagna Law and give us a chance to fight for what you deserve. It will be money well spent because we know how serious personal injuries can be. We have seen so many personal injury cases where people lose everything due to outrageous settlements that didn’t include enough compensation for injuries or lost wages or other out-of-pocket expenses. However, these personal injury claims are filed every day, and complaints are made by our Personal Injury Lawyer.



It’s a personal injury attorney’s job to fight for these cases and make sure that personal injury clients are treated fairly, even when insurance companies ignore the facts of their case. You can trust us to follow through on your personal injury claim, meaning you don’t have to deal with any rough patches or go through this process alone. Our personal injury lawyers will guide you through all stages of your personal injury claim with expertise and compassion. You deserve fair compensation, and at Montagna Law, we know how to help you get it!





Personal Injury Law Firm


At Montagna Law, we value the personal attention that we give to our clients in an industry where personal service is often replaced by technology. At our Personal Injury Law Firm, we make sure that every client has someone assigned to them personally who will communicate with them and keep them informed about the case. We are always available for phone calls and emails from new clients, and you can rest assured that your personal injury or workers’ compensation attorney will be there for you when you need legal advice or assistance dealing with issues regarding personal injuries or insurance claims. One of the most important factors in a personal injury case is getting medical care right away after an accident since it helps ensure accurate diagnosis as well as track any emergent conditions. We recommend that their clients seek medical care right away before an accident victim has time to worry about the treatment costs or insurance coverage. We can help to file personal injury claims and also in deciding which personal injuries are likely to be compensable under a personal injury lawsuit.




Personal Injury Law


Our personal injury lawyers know more about what to look for in a car accident case and they will be able to quickly identify the good ones from the bad ones. For instance, our personal injury lawyers have experience in auto accidents and know which types of injuries are not worth pursuing because we can’t get you enough money back to make it worth our time. This allows our personal injury lawyers to keep only the most promising car accident cases that will pay out enough money for us to cover all our bills in that case and still have a nice profit left over for ourselves.



The higher the personal injury lawyers’ experience in Personal Injury Law, the better. Any personal injury lawyer that is worth their salt will have a lot of personal injury experience under their belt because personal injury law is a specialty area of law requiring expert knowledge. If an attorney has no personal injury experience and just took some personal injury courses to get a certificate for it, then they are not qualified to use all the resources available to them as an experienced personal injury lawyer would be able to do.


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