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Have you suffered from pain and discomfort and unsure whether you need physiotherapy or massage therapy? The truth is, both treatments can be used to manage pain. However, there are several differences between the two services. First, they serve different purposes; massage therapy is often used for immediate relaxation of muscle spasms and pain. On the other hand, physio is focused more on rehabilitating joint function and muscle. Another difference between a physiotherapist and a massage therapist is the level of education. Physiotherapist have a physiotherapy degree from a recognized institute and are registered by a regulatory board. In contrast, a registered massage therapist is required to hold a diploma in massage therapy. Physiotherapy-While most people associate physiotherapy with child development centers and retirement homes, you can also access it through public and private clinics and home care services. Often, when an individual undergoes surgery that needs ongoing treatment, such as heart surgery or joint replacement, chances are, they’ll be referred to a physiotherapist for recovery.



The crown, which is made of durable porcelain or composite material, is placed over the prosthetic tooth root. Once secured, a ceramic or composite veneer is bonded to the crown to cover it. Although dental implants can solve many of the problems associated with missing or cracked teeth, there are a few drawbacks that patients need to discuss beforehand. One of these is the jaw movement problems that can result from the abutment not properly installed in the jaw. Another drawback is the time needed for the abutment to completely heal or be replaced after an oral surgery.






Back pain is one of the chronic conditions prevalent in adults. Every person is likely to experience back pain at some point in their life. Most individuals suffering from back pain often experience it at the lower part of the back. This is because the lower back supports the most weight. Lower back pain is the result of trauma and stress to muscles and ligaments. Luckily, it can be treated using Physio. How Physiotherapy Benefits Back pain - Physiotherapy is a revolutionary medical practice that can treat a wide range of physical diseases, including back pain. During your initial visit to a physiotherapist such as Movement 101, they will review your medical history thoroughly and evaluate your physical performance. At Movement 101, we will identify the root cause of your problem, provide evidence-based treatment and develop a tailored solution to kick start your recovery.






It’s normal to feel foot pain and discomfort from time to time. Perhaps you’ve been exercising or participating in sports and caught a blister or two. Or you wore some tight footwear that wasn’t kind to your feet. However, not all foot pain is normal; some may be suggesting a trip to a Podiatrist such as Movement 101 is necessary. People often ignore foot pain and don’t give their feet the attention they need. This is because they’re not regularly checking their feet for developing issues. However, time is of the essence, even with straightforward foot and ankle injuries. Waiting too long may escalate the problem. Even though foot pain gets better on its own eventually, sometimes it can indicate a far gone problem that isn’t easily fixable.



Diabetic neuropathy is not a foot condition but a group of diseases that cause foot damage due to diabetes, and its symptoms can make your life miserable. People with diabetes are prone to blood sugar fluctuations, and when the levels get high, they can damage nerves on the feet. History of alcoholism and smoking can worsen this condition. Fortunately, a podiatrist such as Movement 101 can provide treatment that may reduce the painful symptoms.


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