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Pregnant women deserve to be taken care of as much as possible. They also need to take note of the changes in their bodies, as well as how those changes affect their health and wellness.For many, pregnancy brings about a level of pain and discomfort. Many pregnant women report backache, aches in the joints and the leg as part of the symptoms experienced.Here at Natural Health Practices, our Chiropractor focuses on helping you to better cope with these changes while doing away with the pain and discomfort. We understand that the process of a child’s growth in the womb can be discomforting enough and that is why we offer a holistic approach to addressing your physical pain and its symptoms.With our chiropractic services designed for pregnant women, we guarantee a range of benefits including a healthy pregnancy for the mom and baby, a shorter and less painful labor and delivery time frame, increased comfort for pregnant women who experience back pain as well as pain in the joints and other parts of the body.



Through our holistic chiropractic approach, we are also able to deliver additional benefits including pelvic girdle pain alleviation, relief from sciatica experienced during pregnancy, restoration of pelvic balance, elimination of poor posture using proper spinal alignment techniques, and more.When you come into our chiropractic clinic, you will also have the chance to work with our Nutritionist whose main aim is to help you to live a healthy lifestyle. We will not only teach you but we will also help you to draw up a healthy eating calendar that will improve your health and the baby’s. Rest assured that we have the best Massage therapist on the ground to address all of your needs while working to relieve tension and stress in your muscles.






Here at Natural Health Practices, we are the leading chiropractic clinic in and around our community. We have over the years addressed the pain and discomforting needs of several patients who have come into our practice.We are focused on delivering a holistic approach to treatment. We understand that traditional medical practice is one that focuses only on the use of medicine to tackle the symptoms experienced by patients as opposed to investigating and treating the root cause of the problem. When you come into our clinic, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a personalized approach to treatment and healthcare from our Chiropractor.Our main goal is to offer you the best treatment and care modalities that best address the problem that you are facing. To achieve the best treatment plans for you, our chiropractor carries out a comprehensive and extensive examination that is focused on unraveling the root cause of the condition you suffer from.Rest assured that our chiropractor will work closely with our Nutritionist and Massage therapist to develop the very best treatment plan for your health needs. We ensure that your body is provided with the right building blocks as it begins to heal. We will also follow up with your treatment plan and make sure that it is modified when needed to reflect the progress that you have made over time. Our team is focused on your health and wellness and you will enjoy the very best attention as well as a whole-life approach to treating common conditions like weight gain, thyroid problems, memory problems, fertility issues, hormone imbalance, high blood pressure, headaches, and migraines, fatigue, constipation, brain fog, bloating, arthritis, anxiety, and depression, as well as allergies. Come into our clinic today to get started on a path to health and wellness.




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At Natural Health Practices, we understand what a Chiropractor should be and we set the standards across our service areas. We understand the negative impact of pain on your health and wellness and it is our mission to ensure that you do not suffer any longer.We are open to addressing the needs of all kinds of patients, whether they suffer from chronic pain or have been involved in an accident. We also address the needs of patients who are out of surgery and interested in a better approach to living their lives, one that is free from pain.Our chiropractor works in collaboration with a top Nutritionist and Massage Therapist to deliver the very best solution to each patient that comes into our practice.We have earned many positive reviews from patients who have benefited from our holistic approach to addressing pain and discomfort.One of our patients said: ”Dr. Shelly is amazing! 



I do electrolysis and laser hair removal and a lot of people in that profession get carpal tunnel syndrome and also have neck and back problems. I see Dr. Shelly every 2 weeks and she keeps me healthy! I know other patients of hers that literally say, “she changed my life!” She is the best!”Another one added: “Best Port Orange chiropractor around! I'm so grateful for Natural Health Practices! It seemed like only a dream to be healthy and cure sickness naturally. Especially in this day and age where pharmaceutical drugs rule all. But Dr. Shelly has made this dream a reality for me. She has helped me with a sinus infection, anxiety, and even cured my hyperthyroid using vitamin and mineral supplements, no drugs! Plus I get the best adjustment when I visit. Patient for life!”Come into our chiropractic clinic today.Our chiropractic clinic is open to you at all times, come in to speak to our chiropractic specialist today.


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