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An excellent first step would be to find an online copy of their portfolio as a starting point. Browse their past work and see if you find anything interesting and relevant to your needs. New Adventure Web Design & Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency and website design company. We specialize in developing professional websites and managing online marketing campaigns for small businesses, agencies, and e-commerce retailers. Our St Louis Web Design team has over years of experience growing sites and executing online marketing campaigns for various St. Louis area businesses and organizations, including home service providers, retailers, funeral homes, law firms, non-profits, and local cities/townships.



A professional website is a website you would be proud to promote to your clients and make money from. If your website is beautiful and well thought out, people will start to expect you to use it when you’re trying to sell them something. It’s essential to make sure your site is easy to navigate, clean and functional – you don’t want your visitors having to wade through useless fluff just to find a particular product.



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All the information you’ll need to set up your website is right here, but before we jump into all the details, you’ll want to know your options. First off, there’s web hosting, which your site will use to store its files and perform daily operations. Typically, this will include your web domain, your name to register your website, and site files like your blog posts and photos. Secondly, there’s web hosting, which is where your website will exist. The difference between this and web hosting is that web hosting is not an end-user’s product – it’s a package you buy from a service provider. We offer professional Web Design St Louis and digital marketing services to help you get the most out of your online presence. We specialize in creating professional websites custom-tailored to your unique needs from eye-catching logos to powerful website hosting.




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Finding a web host, also known as an administrator, to host your website means you will receive someone to maintain and host your website with. A web host may be a professional website developer who provides a St Louis Website Design Company in your country to do the work, or they may be a website host who comes in, performs the hosting for you, and tells you when there are problems. A web host could be a lot cheaper than a website developer, but they could also be significantly more expensive if you have to hire them yourself. To get an idea of how much the web host would cost, you can visit HostGator. They give a free domain to all customers that install their hosting plan.



Create your website - First, you’ll need to create a domain name and domain name registrar. A domain name is essentially what you call your site or blog. It can be based on a city, a brand, or even you. Rather than try and force your new domain name on people, you’ll want to choose something different and unique. You’ll also want to create a .com extension for your website. A .com is the fastest growing website extension of any .com domain name. It’s straightforward to use, doesn’t remuchlot of maintenance, and can only be bought once.


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