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Here at Pacific Attorney Group, we understand that many people have not had a reason to need a lawyer. In addition to this, they do not understand the dos and don’ts of legal issues, especially one that involves liability. Countless times have accident victims lost out on their full compensation because of mistakes they have made in the buildup of their case. to ensure that accident victims get what is due to them after an accident, we ensure that they are properly educated.Our Irvine car accident lawyer has handled several car accident cases and has seen many instances where the accident victims have ruined their chances of getting compensation. To ensure that victims get the deserved amount in compensation, it is recommended that they take as many photos and videos of the accident scene. This serves as a part of the evidence to be analyzed and presented to prove liability. In addition to this, accident victims should avoid apologizing for the crash. Doing this may be misconstrued as owning up to the blame and accepting responsibility for the crash.Added to this, accident victims, unless they have suffered fatal injuries, should never leave the scene of the accident until the police arrive and take a statement. The police report will serve as the first official written statement detailing the accident and accident scene. The accident victim should also endeavor to exchange information with the at-fault party. Information exchanged should include name, insurance provider, address, phone number, and others.Accident victims should also take note of eyewitnesses and take down their information. Getting a medical checkup is important even when the accident appears to have been minor. Our car accident lawyer Irvine advises this to prevent the chance of late symptoms and internal injuries. Contact us to get started.






Car Accident Lawyer Irvine


When it comes to car accidents, a wide range of factors could be responsible for the mishap. Here at Pacific Attorney Group, we have had the opportunity to represent several car accident victims over the years. We understand that victims of car accidents deserve all of the care and attention that they can get. We do our best to make sure that they have access to the right legal support while also recommending steps to take to aid their recovery.Our Irvine car accident lawyer has represented clients who have been victims of car accidents caused byDrunk driving – one of the leading causes of car accidents is drunk driving. When a driver is drunk, the chances that they will put themselves and other road users in harm’s way increases. We have represented several clients who have come to us on account of having been hit by drunk drivers. We make sure that each of these clients is offered the legal solutions that they deserve.  Distraction – distracted driving is also a leading cause of car accidents.

Distraction could come in various forms. Drivers may be lost in thought or they could be busy operating their phones. Sometimes, drivers may take their eyes off the road to look at something by the road and this could lead to an accident. If you have been a victim of such an accident like this, rest assured that our car accident lawyer Irvine is ready to work with you.Speed – many vehicle owners are speed junkies. At a certain speed, bringing a car to an immediate halt may be impossible. Here at Pacific Attorney Group, we represent accident victims whose injuries were a direct result of a speeding driver. We make sure to collect all of the relevant evidence to prove liability in all cases.Bad road conditions – Accidents may also be due to bad road conditions. Contact our attorneys to discuss your legal options.







Car Accident Attorney Irvine



In the aftermath of an accident, the victims require proper care and medical attention. Here at Pacific Attorney Group, we realize the importance of your health in all of these. We, therefore, offer a service that will push you to focus more on your health and recovery while we handle the legal side of the problem.We realize that your health could be a major concern and reason why insurance companies may wish to dismiss your personal injury case. To that extent, we make sure that you are properly educated on the dos and don’ts of personal injury cases. We also make sure that you have access to top-notch and reputable medical care service providers who can aid you during the recovery process.We take pride in providing one on one legal services to new and existing clients. We are open to meet with new accident victims whether at our office, at home, at the hospital, a nursing home facility, or others.Rest assured that our Car Accident Attorney Irvine has your interest at heart and will make sure that you get all of the information that you need to take the right steps. 


We also focus on you during the case. We offer an open line of communication that allows you to ask questions whenever they arise. We also keep you updated with the details of your case.We understand the financial demands of paying medical bills. We do not aim to stress our clients any further. This is why we offer a no-win, no-fee arrangement. Clients can better focus on their health and recovery while we handle the legal areas of their accident injury claim. We go the extra mile to make sure that all of their damages, both economic and non-economic are pushed for in compensation.


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