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There aren't so many trustworthy medical professionals out there providing dependable health solutions. We pride ourselves for standing out and provide the highest quality of skincare solutions for the residents of Phoenix, Arizona. Our team of Dermatologists consist of experts with a lot of experience in delivering skincare treatment. We are devoted to offering long-term solutions explicitly designed to solve your skin issues. We offer unique treatments performed at our centre for skin cancer patients such as Mohs Surgery, Brachytherapy, Excisional Surgery and Electrodesiccation and Curettage (EC&D). We strive to provide timely services for our clients whenever and wherever they need them. It is our responsibility to ensure people living in Phoenix have the healthiest skin, which is essential for their general health.  Nothing matters more than seeing our patients achieve their skincare goals, and we stop at nothing to make that happen. One of the things we are most proud of is our dermatologists being certified by the board. That makes them qualified enough to perform any dermatological service in their area of specialization. Some of our specialists are active members of the American Academy of Dermatology, former presidents of the American Academy of Dermatology, and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons. With such a long list of experts, there is nothing we can't do for your skin health. We have all it takes to deliver the solutions you need from knowledge, skills to the passion for skin health. Therefore, if you need skincare solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, you'll find them at Paradise Valley Dermatology.



Acne Treatment


We are proud to offer a wide range of skincare solutions for different skin conditions. Our dermatologists specialize in three major areas, namely medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology. We can treat skin conditions such as ageing or sun-damaged skin, Acne Treatment, alopecia areata, eczema, athlete's foot, hair loss, excessive perspiration, lumps, bumps, moles, melanoma, rosacea and rashes. Others include skin cancer, warts, scleroderma, vitiligo, psoriasis, nail disorders or melisma. But generally, we specialize in the following areas;

Some patients aren't ready to go under the knife for skincare treatment. That's why our facility offers Brachytherapy for skin cancer treatment. This is a non-surgical procedure with minimum side effects performed on specific cell skin cancers, namely the squamous and basal cell skin. It is used as an alternative treatment for patients who can't undergo surgical procedures as part of their treatment. Another skin cancer treatment procedure is Cryotherapy which is mainly used in the early stages of cancer when it hasn't widely spread. 


We provide dermal fillers for ageing skin and fine lines to rejuvenate and nourish the skin for a youthful and vibrant appearance.  Our dermal fillers contain 100% organic hydrochloric acid made of natural ingredients. Heat damage, low water intake, wrong skin products are amongst the causes of ageing, saggy and pale skin. High exposure to sunlight and dehydration causes the stretching of the skin, occurrence of fine lines and crow's feet. Here at Paradise Valley Dermatology, we offer non-surgical skin treatment options such as Botox, dermal fillers helpful in eliminating facial lines, crows feet and improving the skin tone and complexion for youthful skin.





A healthy lifestyle is an essential element to achieving a youthful and vibrant body. It entails several things, including eating right and exercising, but not everyone can do that. Some try but fail due to stubborn fat in some areas of the body. Such body parts are the underarms, belly, flaps, chin and more. Most people never achieve a fat-free feeling and looking body through exercising and give up in the process. If you're one of them, paradise valley dermatology has the solutions for you. We perform the CoolSculpting medically termed as Cryolipolysis treatment to help people lose stubborn fat. This is a non-invasive and painless procedure that is effective in removing excess fat in some body parts.Our medical dermatology solutions are for ageing or sun-damaged skin, acne, alopecia areata, eczema, athlete's foot, hair loss, excessive perspiration, lumps, bumps, moles and melanoma. Others include skin cancer, wart removal, scleroderma, vitiligo, psoriasis, nail disorders, rosacea, rashes or melisma. With solutions such as botox and dermal fillers, you should have a vibrant and youthful look.

We also offer Mohs Micrographic Surgery in our Mohs surgery centre for skin cancer patients. Mohs micrographic surgery is a skin treatment surgical procedure for people who have skin cancer. For years it has proven to be effective in treating skin cancer and providing positive results. Other surgical skin cancer solutions include Excisional Surgery and Electrodesiccation and Curettage (EC&D). But before the session commences, there must be consultation between the Radiation Oncologist and the patient. This will enable the specialist to assess your condition and design the right solutions for you. The best part of this procedure is minimum side effects, short time frame and immediate results. Moreover, the procedure doesn't require the hospitalization of patients, and it gets completed on the same day.

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