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Couples Therapy, also called intimate relationships counseling, couples therapy, or couples counselling, is a type of therapy, which supports individuals in their romantic relationships. Therapy can be very helpful for couples who are struggling with infidelity or for those who are interested in improving their intimacy and sexual relationships. Many of the couples who have been married for many years find it difficult to open up and talk about their private problems with another person. They feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings with an outsider because of the inherent confidentiality of the situation. However, couples who have had years of difficult marital relationships know that opening up and sharing is not always easy but it is possible with the help of a professional couple counsellor or therapist. 



This may feel like a lonely place, but it is not. Couples counseling is a supportive environment for you to be able to work through your issues with your partner, in a safe and supportive environment. There are professional couples counsellors who are trained in several different areas of counselling, including behaviour modification, family therapy and psychotherapy. In a better place for you both, you will be able to work through your issues and learn how to support one another through the painful and trying times.


Couples Counseling


Couples counseling is sometimes a good option for couples that don't have years of experience in counseling or who have only been married a short time. They often need to find out what they can do differently to make their relationship work. For the most part, couples counseling doesn't involve medication, but can be a good alternative to the prescription drugs couples are used to taking. Couples Counseling is also a sub-specialization within the field of family and marriage counseling. They are an all natural approach to therapy, which doesn't rely on prescription drugs or medical science. A good place to start when looking at couples' counseling is to ask friends and other couples who have been through it. Often, people with experience have written about their experiences with a particular therapist, or counselor. If you don't have friends who are experienced in marriage counseling, you may want to visit a therapist's office and see if the office has therapists with at least some experience.




Marriage Therapy


If you are in the market for marriage therapy, you may wonder where to start. There are so many things to consider: what therapist will be best suited for your particular situation; how much will it cost; and most of all, how well will you and your spouse get along during the sessions? These are crucial questions that deserve careful consideration. Most important is that you are absolutely sure that the Marriage Therapyprofessional you choose has extensive experience in marriage counseling. Although some therapists have experience with certain types of marriage therapy, nothing replaces an extensive professional's experience and know-how. It's important to understand the difference between marriage therapy and psychotherapy, especially since many people mistakenly believe they are the same thing.



Although a few therapists claim to be psychotherapists, a majority of them are actually marriage and relationship counselors. A therapist diagnoses and recognizes problems within the marriage, and then offers treatment methods that help couples resolve these issues. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, deals with mental health; focusing on a specific problem like depression or addiction.


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