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A mortgage payment statement is basically a statement that details how much money you owe on your mortgage in detail. Be that as it may, this is also the first time that you get to tell someone in your Mortgage Company " want to pay off a mortgage now!" While the information is still fresh in your mind, do not forget to include the instruction to send the payment through a credit card or savings account. While you are at it, add a request for a lower interest rate as well so you can reduce the total amount of your debt.When the lender receives the mortgage payment and your mortgage company's instruction on your behalf, they will debit the appropriate bank account (typically the one that was used to hold your original mortgage payment) and send the funds through a credit card or direct deposit to your home. Depending on whether you have property taxes, appliance taxes, or homeowner association fees to be paid, the funds will go out in a single payment. The homeowner association fees should be held in separate accounts.




In the meantime, while you are busy working on getting the funds to your mortgage company or to the homeowner's account, do not hesitate to make extra payments on the escrow account. You can use any excess funds to pay down any high interest costs or other charges that were applied to the loan. Remember, if you are having trouble paying down the principal, it is because you are spending too much on your property taxes and homeowner association fees. And you do not want to put more burdens on yourself by increasing your mortgage payment and adding more on to your property taxes in the end.



Mortgage Broker


Mortgage brokers play a crucial role as the central link between lenders and buyers. They ensure that mortgage loans are processed quickly and efficiently and can even offer valuable financial counseling services to clients who require assistance with their mortgage payments. As the mortgage market is highly competitive, mortgage brokers are always looking for new clients. But how do you become a mortgage broker? The easiest way to become a Mortgage Broker is to enroll in a mortgage broker school. This ensures that when you apply for an exam to become a mortgage broker, you already understand and are familiar with most state and federal regulations and lending laws. This makes you an important player in the mortgage industry processes, making you valuable to both lenders and borrowers. To pass the mortgage broker exam, you will need to study for the exam, receive instruction from the examiners, and pass the exam with a grade of at least A-%. You will be required to take the MBEA exam, and pass it within three years of your graduation. After passing this exam, you will be able to take the Mortgage Broker Registration Exam, which will be administered by the National Association of Mortgage Agents.



Mortgage Lender


Mortgage lenders usually deal with the purchase of a home and are also referred to as mortgage lenders. A mortgage lender works with buyers to find the best loan terms and interest rates available based on the borrowers' creditworthiness and income potential. The Mortgage Lender usually has an in-depth understanding of mortgage rates, subprime lending and the nuances of lending and closing loans. The main purpose of a mortgage lender is to secure long term financing by refinancing homes when borrowers qualify for debt consolidation or are otherwise eligible.In order to apply for mortgage financing through a mortgage lender, you must first have found a qualified mortgage broker or agent. Your broker or agent will provide the mortgage lender with a list of qualified mortgage applicants to review and assist in the loan application process. Once you have identified your mortgage lender, you will fill out an application, submit proof of income and assets, as well as a set of pre-approved credit cards or utility accounts. 



An online mortgage lender application usually does not require any personal information; however, you may be asked to fax copies of tax returns or pay stubs. Your mortgage lender should provide you with a copy of your pre-approval letter and/or pre-approval letter(s) upon receipt of your application.Many mortgage lenders offer various mortgage rates and terms including adjustable rate mortgage rates, fixed mortgage rates and mortgage teaser rates. Lenders offer interest rates and terms that can save you a significant amount of money over the life of your mortgage. There are many mortgage lenders to choose from including government backed agencies, commercial banks and private, for-profit lenders.


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