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The doctors at the clinic understand that everyone wants to lose weight, but the diet programs may not work for some individuals. This clinic understands this and understands that not all prescription medications will work for you. In addition, doctors at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic understand that excessive weight can be dangerous, resulting in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and other medical conditions. In addition, bmi, or any other type of depression, can occur as a result of an overly-strict diet program, which can be life threatening. So, these doctors offer depression treatments as well as heart disease treatments.While at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic, you will undergo thorough testing and evaluation as it pertains to your medical history, as well as your specific medical condition. Your doctor will conduct blood tests, perform skin tests, blood tests of cholesterol and other bodily fluids, and offer you free consultation regarding your diet and exercise program. Once your doctor has determined that you are a good candidate for the diet and exercise program offered at the clinic, he or she will assign you an exercise and nutrition specialist, as well as a medical weight loss counselor, to guide you along the way. As it pertains to your medications, your medical weight loss clinic will also work with your primary care doctor to make sure that any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs are administered correctly, and any other questions you have are answered promptly.






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It can be easy for a person to lose weight without consulting a doctor at a medical weight loss clinic. Staying healthy and keeping your weight in check require a lot more than making smart food choices. In fact, if you want to avoid health issues, you should consult your doctor before making any drastic lifestyle changes, such as stopping drinking alcohol or other forms of caffeine, or losing weight through extreme dieting. These drastic lifestyle changes may only prove to be dangerous if they are not properly supervised by a doctor.If you are an obese person that is struggling with obesity issues, you can contact your primary care physician or family doctor to get some advice about your condition. These doctors are trained to help you manage your illness and should be able to give you some advice about losing weight. A primary care physician can also refer you to a medical weight loss clinic, which can be helpful if you have certain issues that are not understood by your primary care physician. Some of the doctors at a medical weight loss clinic include physicians who have experience in dealing with bariatric surgery, as well as those who have experience in working with people who have obesity issues. There are medical weight management physicians who specialize in just one type of illness or disease, while there are physicians who can treat all different kinds of patients who have obesity issues. If you are thinking about having your condition treated at a medical weight loss clinic, you should schedule an appointment with the physician who will be handling your case. You will be able to tell him or her about your concerns and find out how they feel you might benefit from bariatric surgery or other obesity treatments.










Doctors of medical weight loss are specialists in treating patients with weight problems. They provide personalized treatment plans according to individual needs and the doctor is responsible for creating a customized weight loss plan for each patient. Some doctors will order special tests and weigh the patient to determine a personalized weight loss plan for the patient. When the patient visits the doctors they will discuss their symptoms and goals for weight loss.Doctors can recommend medication, surgery or weight loss dietary services such as liquid diets or meal replacement diets. Medical doctors provide individualized nutrition and medical counseling to overweight patients. Some doctors provide supervised, medically supervised meal replacement programs or individualized medical diets. Medication to promote weight loss is also sometimes available when necessary. The initial consultation with doctors is usually done to determine a course of treatment and the patient can decide whether they wish to pursue weight loss services through a primary care doctor or through a specialist.If you are an overweight person with diabetes or have endocrinology, you may have different needs than other people. Doctors of Medical endocrinology are specially trained to handle cases like yours and they are familiar with different weight control methods. You should not attempt to lose weight without consulting your doctor, because not all methods are safe or effective. In addition, you may find that the methods that work well for you may not work well for others and the best way to proceed is to seek a doctor's opinion before beginning any weight-control program.


Under the care of board-Certified endocrinologist, Khaled Elbanna, MD., patients can hope to appear and feel healthier, while enhancing their overall medical health. Doctor's Weight Loss Clinic helps patients achieve their weight loss objectives by providing a medically monitored weight loss plan that consists of FDA-approved drugs and a personalized diet. Patients are encouraged to follow the plan as it is instructed, which usually involves a strict low-calorie and low-fat diet. Patients and doctors should always remember that everyone's bodies vary, and therefore the medical weight loss plan can and cannot be tailored to everyone's needs and requirements.The doctors at the clinic understand that everyone wants to lose weight, but the diet programs may not work for some individuals. This clinic understands this and understands that not all prescription medications will work for you.


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